KY Jelly in Nigeria (Price, Where to Buy, How to Use, Side Effects etc)


Now, KY jelly as the name jelly implies, is a water based lubrication product usually used frequently during love making to help lubricate and keep wet the private organs of both the male and female to avoid unnecessary friction and possible sores which can come to play when the private areas are all dried. Have I mind that under the company name KY, there are other products produced which are for other functions as well.

The reason behind the acronym KY from what I think is one, maybe because it was established and has its production factory in Kentucky which is located somewhere in the United States and secondly, the fact that both alphabets represent the two variable and key ingredients found in the lubricant but these are all assumptions not certainty.

The product was produced to help in a case whereby th lubrication on condoms is not enough. The KY Jelly has the tendency as nothing actually last forever to dry out after a while but here is the interesting part of this lubricant: the fact that it could be rebooted back to its condensed lubricate state by a little drop of saliva or water without having to apply another lungful of the Jelly during intercourses.

KY jelly amongst its rich ingredients contains no color of any sort as well as n perfume like solutions. It is composed of quite a lot of other properties but what gives it an adage over other lubrication products n the market amongst other features is the ability of it not to be a stain creator. By that I mean, it does not create or leave a stain behind on your clothing or bed sheets after use and can easily be cleaned up in a case of a messy usage.

This product has been in the market since the 1980s in the United States but can be purchased around the world.


Asides from the usual functions, the  KY Jelly could also be used for an obstetrics and gynecological examinations and tests as well as I carry out operations in women while for men, to medically perform what is known to be prostrate sections. During a female patient’s examination which tends to hover around pelvic tests or examinations, the KY Jelly is applied on the index as well as middle finger of the physician in question to help lubricate and easy penetration of the hand into her genitals to check and uncheck stuff. In men examinations, due to it being a prostrate examination, the physician also liberates a finger or the whole fifers for the purpose of insertion into the male recriminations for prophet examination and checkup.



Using lubricants often exposes you to certain ingredients also known as chemicals which causes damage to the tissues around the genitals .This damage , in turn can lead to easily contacting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorhea, hiv/aids, amongst other infections.

There are 6 chemicals in KY JELLY to make sure you would not react to because if you are sensitive, you have to keep away. These chemicals are;

  • PETROCHEMICALS: I doubt if you would want to actually apply crude oil on your genitalia which would be quite funny. Picture using a crude oil on your penis or your vagina walls, now that is a no I guess. KY jelly contains petrochemicals that can actually damage the membranes around and actually cause easy contamination.
  • PARABENS: these chemicals actually shatter and cause havoc to your hormonal stimulation sad they could e seen to replicate estrogen causing high concentrates in breast and ovaries of women.
  • GLYCERIN: as a man, it is advisable to make sure your woman partner limits her usage or completely keep away as it tends to cause damage around the vaginal lining.
  • PHENOXYETHANOL: these are chronic chemicals that are commonly found in paints as well as jet fuel. I higher concentrations, this chemical is quite harmful when it is allowed to penetrate the skin so imagine the damage it would cause your genitalia that are quite sensitive.
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL: known to actually cause mucous as well as irritations around the genitalia.
  • FRAGRANCE: be aware that this is an alias for over 500 different other chemicals in the cover of scents. Fragrances contain a lot of ingredients themselves including ethanol amongst other toxic chemicals.


The KY Jelly could easily be purchased from majorly every big supermarket in Nigeria as well as on online e- commerce websites such as Jumia, Konga amongst other Nigerian online shopping companies. If you have difficulty shopping online, then just take a walk to any of the shop rite mall close to you, locate the cosmetics section and look out for the KY jelly which comes mostly in a tube like packaging.

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