Guys, these are 6 Signs You are Bad in Bed


A lot of Nigerian girls act like they are not interested in good sex.Sex seems to be all about you.To satisfy you the guy, nothing more. So if you suck (is it even possible?!) it doesn’t really matter

Yes, she is interested in sex and yes, its important that you satisfy her. But how do you know you are not hitting it right when she wont even talk about it?

These are six signs to look out for.


  1. She Does Not Come Back:

    avoid guy

    When immediately after sex, the girl does not attempt to fix another date or even “seems” to avoid you.Bro, you may need to check yourself. Sometimes we are so caught up in macho illusions that we subconsciously refuse to even consider the fact that our sex was bad. We simply convince ourselves we wanted a one night stand afterall when things do not progress beyond that.If the sex was good, she’d make an attempt to have more, dont be deceived by her acts of piety and  propriety.

2. Too many Instructions:


When she goes “Yess right there, dont argh! just do this ok..o…geez stop” something is wrong. Some direction is good but when every single time  you have sex she has to instruct you on the way to go- bro you are not hitting her right. Try to pay attention to what makes her feel good so you go there without having to be told.

3. She asks “Are you Done”:

are you done

This is one big sign you cant ignore. When its obvious you have climaxed and  she asks that question with a disappointed, incredulous  look on her face.  She probably thought you would last longer or at least let her reach climax.

4. She Complains about Pains afterwards:

sex pain

She complains about pains in an annoyed, irritated manner. Except she is naturally a  nag, then she never was satisfied. Even if your sexual antics put some pain on her, if she was satisfied, the way she would complain would be different.Pau attention and make amends. Good sex is not about breaking the waist of the innocent girl.


5. She Masturbates Right After Sex:

jerk offf
If you notice she always masturbates after sex. You are not satisfied her. Work harder bro


6. She is Distracted:


How can you be having sex with a girl and she is texting someone or playing candy crush on her phone?! Something is Wrong

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