Gonorrhea Symptoms & Treatments in Men

Gonorrhea Symptoms & Treatments in Men

In men, the beginning stages of gonorrhea do not come with symptoms until much later after it has spread. It is important to know that the possibilities of symptoms showing up are dependent on the gender of the individual. Now, in most cases, men infected with the gonorrhea sexually transmitted disease are usually expected to contend with symptoms showing up than women. The symptoms that come alongside the gonorrhea infection in men is actually sort of comparable with other sexually transmitted infections.


Women on the other hand may not get to encounter symptoms but instead have their reproductive system damaged in a case when it was not detected on time. In men, there have been definite tensions for the gonorrhea infection whereby the bacterium resists antibiotics when used to fight the anti-bodies. It is best advice that in such cases, a visit to a local sexual health clinic for an anti-biotic injection would be required.



Statistics has it that out of every 100 men infected with gonorrhea, 90 of them tend to get early symptoms which makes it quicker to detect the presence of the infection. Usually, it takes about a week or two to show itself after been transmitted with infection and complications of the urethra which could trigger a lot of pain in a case of urinating and also possible discharge of pox as well as in other areas of the body.

Gonorrhea symptoms may vary and could include;

  1. Constant desire to take a pee (urinate)
  2. Frequent discharge of pox which could either be white, yellow or green
  3. Swelling of the male private organ (penis)
  4. Pain to the throat due to developing sores inside
  5. Enlargement of the testicles alongside pain

When the gonorrhea infection has been treated, it takes a little while usually between one or two weeks for the symptoms to subside. There are cases though, cases whereby the gonorrhea infection continues to constantly implement damages to the body of the infected man but usually in a rare occasion.



The test for gonorrhea infection could be carried out in several ways possible by a medical expert. This includes;

  1. Using a swab to attain a sample from the infected man’s symptomatic areas which could be the man hood, rectum or throat then placing it on a glass slide for microscopic observation.
  2. Drawing out blood from the infected man
  3. Possible withdrawal of fluid from the symptomatic joint of an infected man.
  4. Drawing out a sample and putting it on a dish which would pass through the stage of incubation under idyllic development conditions for a couple days. This method gets to show the colony of gonorrhea bacterial which tend to grow when present.

In these tests, an initial result may be gotten within a 24 hours period while the final tests diagnoses could take about a week.



In men, the gonorrhea infection could lead to reduction in the fertility and sterility of the sexual organs. When the gonorrhea infection spreads through the infected man’s bloodstream, they tend to suffer side effects such as arthritis on the long run, heart damage, inflammation of sensory organs as well as the spinal cord and brain. This usually are possible impediments but also rare to come across.



Research has it that antibiotics are the best cure to the gonorrhea infection. Gonorrhea has no home treatment methods and should be immediately reported to a physician or your doctor. It is usually treated with the use of an injection known as Ceftriaxone administered once to the bum or a single shot of Azithromycin in the mouth. The use of antibiotics helps to relieve an infected man in a short while give or take a week tops.

It is compulsory to have professionals handle your case if as a man you get infected. These professionals identify, diagnose and then treat both you and your sexual partner to prevent further spread of the bacterium.

In recent times, there has been a rise in the challenging of antibiotics by the infection from gonorrhea as these antibodies tend to get stronger as time passes. When such cases occur, treatment is quite complex and may require more dose of the antibiotic or the option of a stronger working product. Instead of the usual one day dose of the Azithromycin, when there is an uprise of a more critical case, it becomes a seven day treatment process or you could opt for a dual therapy using two different antibiotics but still for seven day duration. These antibiotics are prescribed to be taking usually once or twice a day depending on the doctor’s prescription. Although, scientists are working hard to create stronger vaccines to preventing gonorrhea infections.



The best and simplest way to prevent getting infected is abstinence which we all know could be quite impossible for men. The use of latex rubbers (condom) only helps to reduce the chances of getting infected by gonorrhea but is not a way of total prevention. It is important to take note of your sexual partners for possible itches or irritations as well as discharge. If any of such symptoms occur on your partner, advise them to seek medical attention immediately and do so as well.


Have in mind that you are prone to getting infected over and over again if you have contacted once before or any other sexual transmitted diseases. This is because; your immune system is probably weak and has traces of the bacterium still in the body. Try as much as possible to stay away from promiscuity and be with just one partner. This helps reduce possible chances and easy treatment if an infection is to occur.

If by any chance you are infected, it is compulsory to make sure to complete your dose of antibiotics so as to totally destroy the antibodies causing damage to your immune system and male organs. If the dose prescribed is not taken judiciously, the possibility of the infection redeveloping is high and this time, might be more complex.


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