Factors to Consider When Choosing Fabrics for Aso-Ebi

asoebi fabric choices
asoebi fabric choices for Nigerian Men

When choosing an attire, choosing the fabric is the most important aspect.

Factors to Consider When Choosing  Fabrics for Aso-Ebi

Fabrics differ and they all display differing characteristics; thus, some research must be carried out to ascertain what you want. Silk is airy and has a lightweight effect, its shiny and regal appearance can come in all colours. Cotton is durable, comfortable to wear and does not get worn out easily. Linen is also lightweight, strong and absorbs but it gets wrinkled with the slightest touch. Polyester is not absorbent and it is not suitable for hot climates such as Nigeria.  

 Are you even a Nigerian socialite if you do not participate in this tradition?

What is Aso-Ebi?

Aso-Ebi is derived from Yoruba language meaning cloth of the family. It is a uniform clothing worn by parents and friends of the couple. It serves as a symbol of togetherness and unity between family members and friends during special occasions.

Choosing Aso-Ebi has become a vital part of event planning in Nigerian circles be it weddings, family functions, burials or birthdays. It is known to add color, flavor and style to the party, also making your guests feel like they belong (stakeholders) in the event.

Fabrics used Aso-Ebi ranges from Ankara, lace, velvet and any other suitable material. Aso-Ebi is not peculiar to Yoruba people, it is worn by Africans of all tribes.

The age bracket of the attendees, the kind of event and theme of the party are important tips that would come in handy when deciding the Aso-Ebi to procure.

Types of African Fabrics

  1. Ankara: 
    Ankara is relatively cheap and modern, it is very popular among the younger generation. It is also manufactured in western countries. It is a versatile material and can be used for hats, bags and blazers. This is 100% cotton fabric with colorful patterns. It is commonly referred to as African wax or Holland wax.
  2. Organza Fabric: This is a West African fabric and it is known for its beauty. This material is bright and colorful.
  3. Lace Fabric: Lace fabric is classy, elegant and usually one color, making it distinct.
  4. Aso-Oke: This cloth is handmade (weaved) and designed by the Yoruba tribe and it is worn for chieftaincy, festivals, engagements and other events.

Things to Consider  When Choosing Materials/Fabrics for Asoebi for Men

  1. Comfort and Wearability: With the older generation, cotton or lace is their preferred fabric, sewing it into Iro and Buba for the Females and Buba and Sokoto for the Male. The younger generation are more adventurous with their materials and styles. They usually prefer the Ankara usually mixing it with a different material all together to create a glamourous outfit. Cotton is very comfortable to wear during the hot weather.
  2. Tradition: Depending on your tribe, Aso-Ebi fabrics could vary. Enquiring from elders within your family about the customs of your culture would enable you decide on which fabric options are available to you.
  3. Colours: The personal preference of the host overrides any other factor when choosing colors.You can choose between complementary colors and contrasting colors.Complementary colors show togetherness and unity.Contrasting colors allows the couple to stand out, avoiding a color clash between the friends and family and the bride and groom.
  4. Event Theme: The theme of the event has to be taken into consideration when choosing the right colors. Other things to consider are your style and trendy colors. When choosing two color or multi-color patterns, you have to consider the skin complexion of your quests.Avoid choosing too much black because of the symbolic meaning of this color. It could make your event look like a funeral.Ensure you communicate your personality through the colors you pick so that you feel comfortable and confident.
  5. Uniqueness: Everyone wants a fabric that is not too common or available, otherwise you appear tacky and ill prepared. On the other hand, if the fabric is unique and beautiful, invitees will patronize them quickly without a fuss.  Individuality is key if you want to stand out and shine on your memorable day. The fabric should be expressive and add vibrancy to the celebrations.
  6. Pattern or Fabric design: Fabric design affects invitees enthusiastic towards procuring the fabric. The fabric should be versatile and easy to sew. Cotton patterned clothing are very functional for these purposes. The texture allows the material to be used for different styles.
  7. Trending Fabrics: By following trendy fashion blogs and social media pages, you can keep up with the trending fabrics used in events. As a Nigerian socialite, you have to speak to merchants and vendors to find out the fabrics currently selling out and creating waves.Every woman desires to look beautiful and stand out during these events.
  8. Cost  :Before fixing a cost on your Aso-Ebi, you have to consider the calibre of the guests, gauging their financial status in order to ensure everyone is comfortably affording the fabric.
  9. Quality of fabric:The durability of the fabric allows it to stand the test of time.  Genuine fabrics are preferred because it will serve as memorabilia to your guests, it will be highly embarrassing if the material begins to tear or fade after the first wash. The most expensive fabric is usually deemed to be the most quality but this is not necessarily the case always. You need to go fabric shopping with someone who is experienced in fabric shopping to avoid being swindled.
  10. Quantity of Fabric:The joy of finding that perfect Aso-Ebi fabric could all come to an abrupt end after finding out that it is out of stock or insufficient to cater for the number of invitees. It is crucial to reach an agreement with the vendor, making sure your requested number of yards are available and stored away. You can also reach a compromise with the vendor to procure more fabrics from the merchant if it is in limited supply.
  11. Distribution: The logistics of getting the Aso-Ebi to every interested person could get very hectic during the wedding or event planning. Getting an Aso-Ebi vendor that can distribute the fabrics to the comfort of customers’ homes cuts down a lot in terms of energy and time, saving the planner the unnecessary stress.
  12. Right Timing: The Aso-Ebi has to get to your friends and family in time, so everyone can tailor the fabric to their taste. This allows the customers enough time to make needed adjustment before the D day. Time is money and you have to make it count!

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