Manly Feats

Jega Attahiru is the Only Nigerian man nominated for the 2016 Chatham House Prize


After his widely acclaimed effectiveness and calm demeanor during the presidential elections last year, former INEC Chairman Jega Attahiru has been gathering accolades and recognition from around the world.

This time around, he has been nominated alongside other influential people such as John Kerry for the prestigious 2016 Chatham House Prize

According to the organizers of the award, Jega was nominated for ”his professionalism, determination and integrity as chairman of Nigeria’s electoral commission, which, in 2015, ensured the conduct of Nigeria’s most credible election since the country’s return to civilian rule in 1999.” They further noted that:”Professor Jega’s leadership also helped to defuse the significant potential for electoral violence in Africa’s most populous nation, which could have had far-reaching ramifications for the region.”

Also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House is an independent policy institute based in London

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