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Is Your Business Home-Based? This is How to Ensure You Maintain a Professional Image Home-Office

Times are changing and more people are working from home. A lot of businesses are online and people have come to realize they can do almost everything from home.
However, how do you maintain that professional image? It is important you do this so your business does not come off as seriousness.
Don’t Worry- We got you covered

  • How to Handle Virtual Meeting
    Endeavor to Sound and Look professional when you have virtual meetings

    In this time and age when you can have video call meetings and what nots, it can be so easy to let your professionalism go. Have a professional looking work space that would look good when you are doing a video call with a good background. (As seen in the featured image)
    Arrive at video calls looking good and clean, the way you would a physical meeting. Don’t assume they wont notice your day old stub or the fact that your shirt is a little crumpled.
    Sound sharp when you pick your calls.People notice when it you sound like you are sleeping or even lying down.

  • How to Handle Physical Meetings:
    Get well-located rentable meeting places. I don’t know about other parts of Nigeria but there are places in Lagos you can rent for one day, a week as you please. They are also well-located and well furnished. Find these places and hold your meetings there.Bringing your clients to  a professional looking space helps your image.

  • Hire Virtual Employees:
    Just because you work from home does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. Hire virtual employees who would help you out. You can have people who you pay per hour, per project or even full-time.

    Video Call with them when necessary, have a group chat anytime you have things to sort out.
    Just because they are virtual does not mean that you should be lax.Continue to maintain your professional image.

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