Beware of these 5 Types of Women- They will Waste Your Time

TIMe wasters

A few weeks back #wastehistime trended on twitter, worldwide. It’s funny with a lot of ladies sharing how they would waste the time of guys in 2019.
Women have been wasting the time of men for long before now. This is painful for some of us who are done sports fishing and are looking for something serious.
Take precautions bro- these are the types of women who will waste your time.

1. The Ex Cling:

This girl is still into her ex. She blushes when she talks about him, refers to him at every slightest opportunity. She is still in love with him. You:
There is no way this girl will not waste your time- because she is not available. Her heart is occupied with someone else so you cannot connect with her on a deeper level.

2. The Friend Zone:

You meet a girl, like a her and look forward to taking things to the next level, but she just keeps telling you that you should “just be friends”. She does not outrightly say not but she also does not say yes. Take off bro, this girl is out to waste your time.

3. The Gold Digger:

She wants y0ur money, all you can afford. But she doesn’t want you She is usually good for a fling. When you try to talk deeper, she either acts distracted or changes the subject. This is a time waster .

4. The Forever Busy Chick:

She is never “available”. She is always busy. You think you are in a relationship with her but she is using you for a particular convenience. You have connections? Material things? Once the need arises, she appears. Once you serve that purpose, she moves on and is “busy” till the next need arises/

5. The One Who Doesn’t Love You:

It’s good to chase a girl a bit but when it becomes obvious she does not have the slightest romantic feelings for you, please let her go. She’l waste your time and one day leave when she suddenly “realizes” she can’t just love you.

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