Important Signs & Symptoms of STDs in Men

Important Signs & Symptoms of STDs in Men

First, it is important to know exactly what STDs mean. Sexually transmitted diseases are infections transferable through intercourse activities. There are those curable by use of antibiotics and some could tend to be incurable.



Sexually transmitted diseases can be gotten by anyone in indulges in unprotected sex (which is not a guarantee) with the only best prevention technique been abstinence. Research has it that those who indulge in homosexuality, gay (man to man sex) have higher chances of getting infected by STDs.



Sexually transmitted diseases could be caused by quite a number of factors such as viral contaminations, microorganisms, parasites and more. Such sexually transmitted diseases could include getting infected with hepatitis which could either be B or C, human papillomavirus well known as (HPV), human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8) and the all-time popular Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Transmission of sexual diseases could include syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and many more to the list of infections. It should also be brought to your awareness of a disease called the Zika virus which is gotten from a bite of a vector mosquito and this virus could be passed on from one person to another during sex.



Research has it known that sexually transmitted diseases could be grouped into three categories in men;

Sexually transmitted diseases that primarily instigate lesions to the male genitals (malfunctions of the male genital organs and presence of injuries).

Sexually transmitted diseases that primarily instigate the urethra to get inflamed. This is also known medically as (erethritis).

Sexually transmitted diseases that instigate signs through the entire part and system of the human body which is medically known as systemic STDs.

Majority of the sexually transmitted disease that tends to instigate the likes of urethritis and lesions which includes syphilis or gonorrhea could cause possible complications to other organs in the body if not treated on time, could spread and cause more unlikely damage.



Here are lists of the most common possible STDs amongst the multitude that could be found in men who get to indulge in sexual intercourse mostly without protections or those who practice homosexuality;

  1. GONORRHEA: This is an infection instigated by bacterial contamination and usually, do not at all times come with certain signs and symptoms to make it easy to detect. Gonorrhea is most likely to instigate the problem of urethritis in the male urethra organ which leads to painful and possible discharge when taking a pee. It is caused by a bacteria known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae and leaves traces of side effects between 4 – 8 day duration of getting infected. It could also be the cause of inflammation to the male rectum as well as the throat. If symptoms tend to arise, it is important to see a physician for proper control of this disease in time. (See also SYMPTOMS OF GONORRHEA IN MEN)
  2. CHLAMYDIA: This infection is usually common in teenagers as that is when they tend to be quite active sexually. When this bacterial infection is transferred on to another individual, there are usually no side effects or signs to make known the presence of in he infection in due time. If at all it gets to instigate any sign or symptoms at all, it does so in the form of urethritis. Chlamydia could also instigate infection to the testes and epididymis and it is advisable to see a doctor in Para-venture your body feels funny and different from the way it used to be for proper diagnosis.
  3. HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV): This happens to be feared by most among all other sexually transmitted diseases. When a man is diagnosed with the HI-Virus, unlike other STDs, they get to feel like it is already judgment day for them but that is not the case. Contaminating the virus is not only an intercourse occurrence but also sharing of sharp objects as well as mother to child during pregnancy amongst other possible factors. One with the immunodeficiency virus may never know until a much later time when the virus has spread thereby leading to malfunction of the entire immune system in the human. This could take as long as 10years. A man with HIV could be as healthy as and sometimes even healthier than some men without any form of STDs. This is because, HIV really does not have specific symptoms and when they do, it usually looks like a normal kind of flu or fever, maybe the individual is just tired or just has body aches and more whereas, the virus is eating deep into the immune system. It is important to see a doctor or physician if such symptoms persist so that proper tests could be carried out for the right diagnosis.
  4. HERPES IN THE GENITALS: This is caused by a virus called the herpes simplex virus which instigates sores and blisters around areas of the body open to sexual activities. Herpes could be contaminated through any form of sexual participation including oral sex as in such cases, leads to blisters around the mouth area. There are cases whereby symptoms may have occurred previously but still yet, there is a high chance of still spreading the virus in the absence of such symptoms.
  5. HEPATITIS: This is a disease that basically affects the liver and could either be B or C. Hepatitis B and C are infections gotten from a virus that is been transmitted through sexual activities and in other cases like the HIV, contact with blood through other factors. The major downside to this disease is acknowledging to the facts that give or take 6% of those infected end up with a lifetime damage to the liver or worse still, chronic Hepatitis B.
  6. SYPHILIS: This is instigated by a bacterial medically known as Treponema pallidum and if not diagnosed in time, gets to advance into three stages with possible perseverance in a dormant situation. It gives an ulcerous symptom known as chancre and tends to grow between 10 – 90 days duration after contamination and then settle again after a 3 – 6 weeks period.

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