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First Time Flight Experience: All You Should Know to Be Well-Prepared

First Time Flight Experience: All You Should Know to Be Well-Prepared

It is normal to feel nervous and scared when it is your first time to board an airplane. The experience is even more daunting when you have to do it alone. For those without the experience of ever boarding a plane, this article is to guide you towards knowing what you should know especially for those who would be travelling for the first time any moment from now.You’l find  checklist on the things you need and the experience you should expect.


Your first flight is an unforgettable experience most people get to remember and talk needlessly about. Some have the phobia of height and others of flying but then again, would you be one who pukes on the first flight or one who takes a lot of selfies?

Before actually securing a board pass to a flight, you first need to understand a few tips outlined below;


This is more like you purchasing a BRT ticket before boarding the bus at Oshodi or Lekki. A ticket is needed to be booked before you are allowed to secure a passenger seat on your proposed flight. When booking a flight ticket,, it is very crucial to do so in due time as most times, seats get usually sold out. Booking a ticket could either be done online or by visiting a travel agency to assist but i would always prefer going with booking online.


After securing yourself a flight ticket, next is to prepare for your flight. This involves making sure all of your documents required for travelling are well prepared (If it is outside the country). These documents involve your Visa (), Invitation letter, flight tickets amongst others not mentioned. You have to be aware of the airport rules and trust me when i say you need to be at the airport at least one hour thirty minutes before your flight time if it is a local flight and at least three hours thirty minutes for international trips as airport protocols could be time wasting sometimes, i meant all the time.


Well, you have obviously passed certain security checks to get to this phase. this involves you actually identifying yourself with the airports security check points by showing them your ticket alongside other travel documents. You also get to drop your luggage which also passes through a screening process by the use of high tech x-ray scanners. You get to leave your luggage with them here while the officer on duty hands you your boarding pass as well as the receipt for your luggage which you would get when you arrive your destination.

Don’t bother going with anysharp objects or canned items such as your spray.These will not pass as hand luggage but will be taken by the staff and returned on disembarking.


You have finally checked in and passed all the very many checkpoints so now it is time for you to board the plane you secured a seat for. First you pass through the final security check where you are most likely almost going to have to strip naked (just joking).

LITTLE TIP: Wear good socks! You’l take off your shoes here to pass through screening. Imagine how embarrassed you will be if you happen to have worn one of those “smiling socks”!

At this check point, you get to tender all of your mobile devices as well as anything metallic in your possession including your belt on most occasions and jewelries. Once this check is done and you come out successfully, then the officer stamps your boarding pass. Now this actually varies between international and local airports so i would break it down. In a case where you are in an international airport about to board a plane you got ticket for, you would be asked to pass through immigrations check where you have to show every document possible in relation to your flight and if there happens to be a slight sense of mischief, your entire trip could get canceled but it is not same when boarding a local flight as the security is not as tight. There is the option of a shuttle to drive you to the planes hanger for boarding.



Finally, you are in the aircraft and your flight is about to take off. For some, it could look like paradise while to others, just a normal place where people seat while they travel. Whatever the case may be, get to the seat allocated to you as every passenger has a seat number in scripted on their boarding pass. The flight crew also known as the Cabin crew get to shut the doors once all passengers are seated on the plane while a hostess would take you through major security and safety guidelines as well as show you a few demonstration in case or not something happens. You would also all be told to make sure you have your seat belts on and trust me when i tell you this is not a mainland to the island kind of cruise you refuse to use a seat belt for. Seat belt is a must. There is a signal both for seat belt alert purposes and smoking purposes. You are not to stand up for any reason when the seat belt lights flash on. When the plane has gained height to a certain altitude, the pilot then turns off the seat belt signal. Now, you can use the toilet as well as have food been served around.


Confirmed, you have finally achieved all of your milestones. True, it was quite stressful at the beginning but then again it is your first time and from the next trip, you sure would have gotten used to flying. Before the plane lands, you get to have a feel in your stomach that lets you know that the plane is gaining closure to landing. All seat-belt signals are turned on while the plane makes it to land and then taxis to the terminal. Never stand up even when the plane comes to a halt until you see the seat-belt signal go off. The stairs are released for all passengers to alight and then on some occasions there would be a shuttle waiting to take passengers to the terminal or you could choose to walk. In a case of an international flight, immigration would ask for your passport afterwards, you then go to claim your bags.


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