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10 Chinese Restaurants in Nigeria

10 Chinese Restaurants in Nigeria
As rich as Nigeria is in terms of variety of food, it is always a great experience to try out the culinary offering from other cultures.One of such is Chinese food. Contrary to what people think, there are quite a number of great chinese restaurants in Nigeria.
Majority of these Chinese cafeterias actually do have quite a lot in common, for instance, the appealing foods, conventional linen tablecloths laid for regulars, chopsticks prepared for customers to try out, amenities profiting a monarch plus many more features at precise rational charges.




With no particular order of writing this piece of article, here are 10 of the topmost Chinese Cafeterias you can find in Lagos and is been based on their ability to have provided extensive expansion over the long period of their establishment.

  1.  Zenith Water Margin Chinese Restaurant:
    The sought-after Chinese cooks in Zenith Water Margin have been successful in changing the manner Chinese cooking taste in Nigeria, the glamorous restaurant delivers a high-class contemporary Oriental refrain atmosphere. With a menu of exceptional luxuries been served with Surlier Hang; the restaurant’s signature mélange. Customers have the choice of picking the popular beef alongside green plus butterfly giant sea prawns in butter.
    The Zenith Water Margin Chinese restaurant is geographically located at No 28, Ogunsaya Adeniran Str, in the Surulere part of Lagos, Nigeria.chinese food (1)
  2. Marco Polo Chinese Restaurant:
    The magnificent Oriental background holds the cordiality as well as the appeal of Victoria Island, Lagos in addition, it helps Marco Polo Chinese Cafe the attraction that fascinates patrons to it. Settled by the sea, the restaurant unlocked its gate to commercialism on the 14th of February, 2003 at 9A, Kotun Karimu Str, VI, Eti Osa Drive, Lagos. Marco Polo has since turned out to be the overseer of modified cooking services in addition to being a high-quality gastronomy as well as been appraised a five-star Chinese Café as regards to a decent class of food and amenities. They make available professionally organized main options and on the side meals. Selections comprise of a beef gut in soy pottage, grilled mutton, smoked fish, unfathomable deep-fried chicken pieces in parched chili, Marco Polo cold cuts, Chinese date and white agaric, cold pudding etc. The eatery is famous for its provision and setting.
  3. Prime Chinese Restaurant:
    In a smooth district of Bishop Abayode Cole Str, Victoria Island, Lagos, is the Prime Chinese Restaurant situated. It is stunningly premeditated by means of a kitchen garden of the patio, creatively equipped and elegantly ignited with pronounced seats. The food at this cafe is wonderful as well as exotic, they set out to serve Chinese meals together with a buffet. It functions as both an interior and open-air cuisine service throughout the entire 24 hours, on a daily. Visitors can appreciate wonderfully palatable Chinese meals, for instance, the sweet-scenting chicken with chili.
  4. China Town Express Restaurant:
    Just maybe you might happen to have eaten in a lot of Chinese cafeterias in the Lagos district but then again if you have not had the opportunity of been to China Town Express Restaurant, then your Chinese meal experience is not whole. You could try out from their menu the Hoi Sin seafood potage which has a wonderful taste or even its bisque with coconut milk. The cafeteria is exceptionally planned using a resilient Chinese impact and it is quite voluminous to contain a lot of individuals.
  5. Pearl Garden Chinese Restaurant:
    Pearl Garden came into existence in 2004, featuring a refined and aristocratic cream and golden surroundings that proposes decent atmosphere alongside a confounding sight of the Atlantic Ocean in Victoria Island. Pearl Garden features a menu that serves spiced Szechuan meals, jazzy Cantonese cooking, and shark limb bisque alongside torn chicken. Also, the menu further features not as much of exploratory Chinese delicacies whose costs are static together with multifarious seafood.
  6. Oriental Garden Chinese Restaurant:
    Oriental Garden is positioned in Lagos Oriental Hotel well known to be owned by former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The eatery features a good-looking Chinese scenery- ornamented café with sturdy inspirations all the way from China. The list of options varies from Chinese masterpieces to side delicacies. The hotel cafeteria has fascinated faithful patrons who happen to relish Chinese foods as well as would under no circumstances fail to recall its taste.
  7. Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant:
    Zen Garden for a long time now, been satiating the desire for food of Lagosians who get to crave for outlandish Chinese delicacies. The motive is unpretentious; Zen Garden features well-skilled cooks who are passionate about ways to go about refining their delicacy formulas alongside a combination of the old-fashioned tab merged with contemporary tastes of Chinese cuisine.SEE ALSO 4 Foods You Should Avoid Before S*X For the Best Performance
  8. Bon Asia Indian and Chinese Restaurant:
    Positioned just at the back of Zenith Bank’s headquarter in Victoria Island, is Bon Asian Indian and Chinese Cafeteria; a multi-gastronomy restaurant in Lagos. This restaurant serves from their menu continental as well as customary Chinese delicacies and also specialize professionally in catering services.
  9. Saipan Restaurant And Bar:
    Saipan Restaurant and Bar is situated on both the 3rd and 4th floors of Dream Plaza. This Chinese restaurant is one which in the long run has been able to establish a place for Nigerians with the taste of palatable delicacies as well as luxury. The cooks are professionally skilled in making come alive all of those Chinese delicacies that can only be found in Asian countries.
  10. Wan Tan Fusion:
    A delightful setting and prodigious atmosphere cover patrons with Wan Tan Fusion, a Chinese cafeteria that gives astonishing banqueting in Lagos. The eatery permits you to try out by means of diverse Asian meals whenever you are been served the menu. Wan Tan Fusion features a variety of Chinese desired delicacies that you are most certainly bound to look forward to having when you pay a visit.

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