44 Countries Within & Outside Africa that Nigerians Can Visit Without a Visa

manly.ng travel without a passport

If you like traveling and exploring  , then you probably know that obtaining a visa can be a pain.However, do you know that there are several countries you can visit without a visa? And they are not all African countries.

We compiled a list of 44 countries you can visit without a visa. Some allow extended stays, some don’t, while yet some others allow you to process a visa when you arrive.

Simply grab your passport and enjoy your stay!

• Barbados: Barbados allows you stay with only your passport for 6 months.
• Benin Republic.: Completely visa free
• Burkina Faso: Completely Visa free
• Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire: Completely visa free
• Dominican: Dominican allows you stay for up to 3 weeks
• Fiji Island: Fiji Island allows 3 months of Visaless stay
• Gambia: During 90 days of visaless stay.
• Ghana, Guinea: Completely Visa Free
• Guinea Bissau. 90 days of visa free stay
• Haiti. 90 days of visa free stay
• Liberia. Completely visa free
• Mali. Completely visa free.
• Mauritius. 90 days of visaless stay
• Micronesia. 30 days of visaless stay
• Niger Republic, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo. Completely visa free.
• Vanuatu. 30 days of visaless stay

The following countries allow to process visa on arrival:

• Bangladesh,
• Burundi (for 30 days),
• Cape Verde,
• Comoros Island,
• Djibouti,
• Georgia,
• Iran,
• Kenya (for 90 days),
• Madagascar (for 90 days),
• Maldives (for 30 days),
• Mauritania,
• Mozambique (for 30 days),
• Nauru,
• Palau (for 30 days),
• Samoa (for 60 days),
• Seychelles (for 30 days),
• Somalia,
• Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorization),
• Tanzania,
• Timor-Leste (for 30 days),
• Tuvalu (for 30 days),
• Uganda.

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