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How to Buy Fairly Used Phones in Nigeria without Regret

How to Buy Fairly Used Phones in Nigeria without Regret

Welcome to Nigeria where we happen to be the highest customers to all phone production companies in the world. Funny part is majority of people actually patronize used phones also well known as “second hand phones or UK used phones” than brand new ones.

There are certain guidelines to purchasing a used phone in Nigeria and a first thing first is “shining your eyes”. Before going ahead to purchase a “UK used” phone, you need to consider quite a lot of things so your money does not be a waste. In this article, I would be sharing a couple steps in actually buying used phones in Nigeria as well as places you could get the best of deals and possibly warranty alongside.




It does not matter what the speculations of the phone is or whoever is selling it to you, always make sure to first take a proper look and scrutinize the entire body of the phone. Buying a roughly used phone just helps make it easier in letting people know you could not afford a brand new one and trust me, you do not want that. Many people tend to use their phones roughly so make sure there are not any damages around the corners or the covers of the device as if damaged, may lead to problems in so little a time but by then you just may have already purchased the device.

In a case whereby the entire body of the phone is satisfactory to your desire, then you go on to check out the screen (most especially a touch screen to make sure it is sensitive and does not require major force to tap) as well as the buttons (if any). Make sure to check for screen dents as well as malfunctioning buttons too.

Moving on in scrutinizing a used phone before purchase, make sure to check out the battery. Bad batteries usually get swollen or get fully charged on time as well as drain faster. Take a tour to the back of the phone and make sure to open the battery flap carefully then observe through to your satisfaction. You should also be aware that there are a lot of ways to check if the battery in the phone was replaced or not.

The charging port is very essential during scrutiny. Many buyers forget to check charging ports especially in a case whereby the seller made sure to come along with a full battery. Please always take out about 10 minutes of your time to make sure the charging port works when connected to power outlet. When that is done, try connecting to a Pc or laptop as you can tell if the charging port was changed or not. In a case where the charging port has been replaced, the Pc or laptop would not see the connected device, take note.

The camera is yet another to check out. Make sure it snaps and does not come out blurry. Make sure the lens of the camera has no fault or dent then afterwards,, launch the camera app and take a couple photos and video shots to see the quality and to know if it saves. If you are not a camera person then if there is a problem, you can overlook it but i would not advice that.

Now, you are done with the basic hardware parts of the device you choose to purchase as a second hand so it is time to check out the applications on the phone. Carefully launch each of the applications one after the other and possibly play around it to make sure no problems. Major applications to look out for are the Bluetooth. Wi-Fi, Hotspot etc. I guess that should do.



  1. LAGOS: There are a lot of places in Lagos that feature the sales of used phones but the most popular of all is located at Ikeja just by the bridge and it is known as “Computer Village”. Any kind and type of phone can be purchased here both in retail or wholesale dealings. Like I said earlier, “shine your eyes” as this location is known to sell to their customers packaged “Fufu” instead of phones. You are shown a phone of choice and then you tell them to pack it so you can pay and leave, someone distracts you and in place of the phone, they but in a bar of soap or “fufu” for you and thinking you have been all packed up, you leave only to get home to see your dinner (fufu) in your phone case. Quite hilarious I must say as I know quite a  number of people who have suffered this incident.
  2. BENIN: The major places to buy used phones in the city of Benin are at the Abuma market, Ring Road and GSM village along Airport road. Well, these places are known for selling spoilt replica of the phone you happen to have chosen. They kind of have double of every phone so when a buyer comes to buy a used phone and has scrutinized it, when packing, they switch it with the faulty one and by the time you realize it just might be too late as they most times claim you checked the phone properly so the phone must have gotten bad in your hand over night. Cruel, I know that but it is their hustle.
  3. WARRI: From the name alone, your heart should start beating. You could get used phones from a place popularly known as “Plaza” and another known as “Enerhen Junction”. This is a ghetto city and so your eyes must over shine so you do not get “streeted”.
  4. ABUJA: Anything used phones points to Wuse 2 in the Federal Capital Territory. Although a couple years back, it suffered terrorist attacks from the Boko Haram sect but all well and good, it is back and booming.

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