DNA TEST IN NIGERIA (COST, PROCEDURES & CENTRES)In recent times, the issue of DNA test has become a frequently debated topic..
Some men are now facing the possibility that the children they thought was theirs and have probably spent money training may not, in the real sense of the word, be theirs.
Some Nigerian women are now saying that the karma of cheating men- are at home.In the form of raising children that were never really theirs.
Indeed, the topic of DNA testing is a touchy subject which would offend any woman to whom it is mentioned. There are, however, situations that may warrant you doing a dna test. So what are the cost and procedures of dna testing in Nigeria? And where are the centers where one can go for a DNA test in Nigeria.
It is these questions that this post seeks to find answers to.
You can conduct a paternity test during pregnancy before the baby is born.A DNA test for paternity can also be done after the baby is born.

The Procedure for DNA TEST for Paternity

For DNA tests done before the baby is born,a sample of amniocentesis or chorionic villus is taken from the foetus. The down side of this is that it can it is invasive and has the possibility of causing a miscarriage. Hence a lot of dna diagnostic centres do not follow this procedure.
A more common dna test procedure is to the type done after the baby is born.
While the baby is in the hospital, a blood sample can be taken from the umblical, drawn or even a swab from the mouth would do.
However, most times, dna tests in Nigeria are done long after childbirth.


There are number of DNA Centres in Lagos, Nigeria

  1. DNA Centre for Paternity Test Nigeria
    Address: Oluwatobi House, 73 Allen Ave, 100281, IkejaPhone: 0705 999 9333
    1679 Karimu Kotun Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State
    014407904, 0909 864 5089
  2. Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Idi-araba LUTH)
  3. DNA Lab
    No. Q5 Danja Road, Off Katuru Road, Unguwar Sarki Kaduna Nigeria. Their phone numbers are 08099282985, 08037880765, 07087257965.
  4. Paternity Test Nigeria
    Paternity test Nigeria has centers nationwide where they provide both home service and lab paternity test.What they do is collect your samples wherever you are in the country and send them down to lagos
    Their main office is however at 79 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island Lagos
  5. Pathcare Laboratories
    Pathcare Is one of the hands I trust for this service.If you want to do your test in places outside lagos, Ibadan, Port-harcourt or Abuja, you can. Pathcare laboratories has centers around the country
    If you feel there is any center we left out, do well to include it in the comment section below thank you.



The price for taking dna tests for paternity varies wildly
A lot of people have reiterated that the cost taking a paternity test in Nigeria is unnecessarily high. The one we know about is the amount charged by Paternity test Nigeria.
If you go to their offices to do the test, you get charged N85,000 per child.. You get charged an extra N5000 if you want home service.
You can contact whatever diagnostic centre you settle for to know their prices, terms and procedures.


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