Best Fertility Drugs and Supplements in Nigeria that Work

clomid fertility drug
clomid fertility drug

If your aim is to get pregnant, fertility drugs and supplements could help. Doctors usually prescribe drugs; some couples usually opt out of this to prevent side effects associated with chemicals in the system. Fertility drugs boost your chances of conceiving  a child.It is also helpful if you want to get pregnant with twin or multiples. Fertility drugs work In two ways, either by ovulation induction or creating a hormonal balance to induce fertilization. F

Over the Counter Fertility Drug s

Fertilization and Ovulation induction drugs are more common and widely used in Nigeria.

  1. Clomid:  This is a synthetic drug for oral use that attempts to replicate oestrogen. It has a similar structure to the hormone, providing a more suitable environment in the uterus for ovulation. This is usually used with doctor’s prescription. It has the best results after numerous clinical trials and it is inexpensive.
  2. Ovulex: Ovulex is made up of natural substances, it does not contain any harmful chemical substances. It does not get you pregnant immediately, it only prepares your body by building up your hormone levels.
    Herbs and hormones such as progesterone constitutes the ovulex drug. Taking this supplement, exercising regularly, having proper diet and regular sexual intercourse will increase the chances of conceiving a child without any harmful side effects.
  3. Maca Pills: Maca also serves as a libido booster. It is a very effective fertility pill that can be used without prescription. It is a cruciferous plant processed from the root of Peruvian ginseng. It is found in mountainous regions of the South American country, Peru. During Incan times, farmers found out that maca was a very good herb for fertility and it is still relevant till date.his fertility enhancing pill is both applicable to men and women.
    Recently a study was carried out at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, the country’s capital. The research was conducted regarding maca effect on young adults ranging from 24 years to 44 years. The study showed a strong correlation between maca intake and sperm per ejaculation. It is also shown that maca intake improves sexual desire.
    Maca pills restores hormonal balance between oestrogen and progesterone, providing a conducive environment for fertilisation. It is largely reported by female users that they experienced stronger sexual desires and sexual function.You can order this product at
  4. FertiliTea for Women: This is a delicious, natural, healthy herb tea that has been scientifically tested and patented by foremost fertility expert Amos Grunebaum. This tea reverses hormonal imbalance between the oestrogen and progesterone, creating a healthy reproductive system. The major ingredients in this tea include chasteberry, raspberry leaf, green tea, ladies mantle, nettle leaf and peppermint leaf.These ingredients are natural, fresh and has high quality. It contains no chemicals or preservatives.
    Chasteberry – This promotes hormonal balance needed to catalyse ovulation. It is used as a herb treatment for infertility. It is very effective for women with irregular cycles and ovulation failures.
    Rasberry leaf – This is a highly nutritive leaf, it strengthens and prepares the uterus/pelvis region. It is very effective when combined with peppermint leaf.
    Green tea – Age and environmental toxins perform oxidative damages on the body over time. Green tea is an antioxidant that reverses this damage, therefore promoting the health of the reproductive system.
    Ladies mantle – This invigorates the uterus, especially among women with irregular cycle.
    Nettle leaf – Nettle leaf constitutes a combination of vitamin A, C, D, K and minerals such as potassium, sulphur, iron and phosphorus.
    Peppermint leaf – This gives the tea its delicious taste, it compliments raspberry leaf and promotes sexual desire.It can be ordered on
  5. Fairhaven Fertilaid for Women: This is a NAFDAC approved herbal supplement that contains all-natural ingredients and vitamins needed to promote fertility and reproduction. This supplement was created by obGyn and foeremost fertility expert Amos Grunebaum. The comprehensive formula contains minerals, vital vitamins, antioxidants, folic acid all in the right quantity, serving as a prenatal supplement also.Natural herbs such as chasteberry, ginseng, red clover blossom and gingko biloba help provide a hormonal balance to promote fertility without any side or harmful effects.
    This supplement is not recommended for anyone undergoing IVF, pregnant ladies or anyone with a pre-existing health condition.One bottle contains 90 capsules, therefore could last one month or more.It can be found on konga at or Divine Fertility stores at
  6. FertileDetox for Men and Women: As you age, the reproductive system becomes toxic. This supplement detoxifies the reproductive system and removing toxic compounds. The air we breathe, toiletries we use, food we eat and cleaning products we use all contain chemicals that lodge in our tissues and build up in concentration over time. The liver and the intestines are responsible for detoxifying the body, unfortunately not all toxic compounds are removed because chemicals can be secreted and hidden in fats. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals reduces sperm count and increases the onset of infertility.This product helps to eliminate the remnants of these toxic chemicals hidden in the fatty tissues, thereby promoting sexual health.Its ingredients include vitamin B, C, E, zinc, manganese and molybdenum.You can find further information on how to procure this product on
  7. Mengquian Fertility Supplement: This is a fertility and hormonal supplement that detoxifies the body and improves reproductive health. It leaves you skin looking younger by reducing stress and its effects.You can access this product on
  8. Green Herb’s Camvacon FreeFlow: This is a NAFDAC approved and highly regarded fertility supplement that is recommended for infertility in women with irregular menstrual flow, ovulation failures and blockage of the fallopian tube. This enables conception to occur.  You can check out this product on
  9. FairHaven OvaBoost: This product is preferable for women who are over the age of 30 and are trying to conceive a child. It promotes egg and ovary function. The antioxidants in the supplement help in detoxifying the reproductive system. It is more effective when combined with fertilAid. It’s main ingredients are vitamin E, grapeseed and alpha lipoic acid. This supplement was designed using top notch scientific data with the aim of protecting egg and ovary from damage and promoting its healthy function in reproduction.It can be found

What is the Best Fertility Drug for Twins?

Clomid and Serophene are 2 drugs that are popularly known to aid pregnancy with twins.However there is no assurance that this is true.See a Doctor  for more professional advice on how to get pregnant with twins

How Much Is Clomid in Nigeria?

You can read more and buy this product on the Konga online store at:

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