10 Shocking Side Effects of Masturbation No One Tells You About

Masturbation in men is a way of satisfying ones sexual desires by touching the private genitals till climax (cum) is achieved. This is a trend these days most especially with the high rate of free pornographic movies online; it all makes it perfect an action to carry out. Masturbation involves whereby one goes into a world of fantasy or waver away in thoughts maybe thinking about his dream girl or favorite porn-star or something erotic while jerking off until the desired is achieved.

This is common with most young men these days although one could say the action of masturbation could be somewhat be of importance to the human body to make sure it functions well but then again, there are effects that this action could lead to that no one tells you about which is the purpose of this article. Research has it that most men who carry out the action of masturbation are those with low self-esteem who may not be able to approach women to express how they feel.

It is known that too much of everything is bad for the health so also applies to masturbation as on the long run, complications get to develop thereby leading to malfunctions of the individual’s body system.


Let us look at some of the hidden truth behind masturbation which no one agrees to tell;

  1. GETTING ADDICTED: I mentioned earlier that too much of everything is bad for the human health and this is one of the major reasons i said so. Masturbation gets so addictive which could be compared to those who happen to be drug addicts- no difference. No one tells you this because it is quite pleasurable satisfying yourself that you most likely even inculcate others to carry out this same action and on and on it goes.
  2. THE ENERGY DRAIN: If you happen to be a masturbator, you would agree with me on the fact that masturbation is one hell of an energy drainer which on the long run gets to lead to constant weakness and feebleness. Taking a walk becomes stressful, making dinner as well amongst other household activities you have obligation to carry out. All becomes tiring and this is due to the action of pleasurable satisfaction through masturbation. To be honest, it is more of an energy consumer than having real sex as this works with unnatural illusions thereby over working the mind to create these illusions and fantasies in creating a perfect picture for the action.
  3. DYSFUNCTION OF THE PRIVATE ORGAN (PENIS): This happens to be one of the major effects of masturbation no one ever speaks off. Like how would i tell you if i have an erectile dysfunction caused by masturbation when i know you would make a joke out of it? I would rather tag you along in the act of masturbation so you as well suffer from this effect. That is how it works hence no one says nothing. Over 80% of men who pay respect to constant masturbation are at a great risk of suffering from dysfunction of their private organ (penis).
  4. LOGIC DAMAGE (NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS): Men who get to masturbate a whole lot suffer from neurological concerns which get to affect their logic. This starts out little at the early stage of masturbation but as the man gets older, it becomes a severe case.
  5. IMPULSIVE EJACULATION: This effect happens when due to masturbation; the penal nerve has been over stimulated due to frequent pleasurable encounters with you. When eventually you get to have a sexual intercourse with a real woman, due to the already sensitive and stimulated penal nerve, in no time you get an untimely ejaculation of sperm which in most cases get to lead to break ups in relationships amongst other problems that may come up on the long run. In a case where you happen not to last in bed, check and ask yourself if you are a frequent masturbator, if yes then you have your answers to why you are an untimely sperm processor. Forget drugs and herbal medicines, best solution is to quit the act of masturbation.
  6. PROBLEM OF A SEX LIFE: This is in relation to the effect just above this one. Masturbation leads to a “kill vibe” when it comes to intercourse with the opposite sex (real human). A masturbator hardly gets turned on by girls and does not get to enjoy sex anymore as time goes on but rather prefers the pleasurable encounter with him all alone. Well, for  most men on a statistical basis that carry out masturbation, it is due to the fact that they maybe cannot approach the opposite sex so give or take- whether a girl is there for them or not, it does not matter for as far as they can get pleasure without any second party.
  7. DROWSINESS IS YET ANOTHER EFFECT Men who masturbate suffer from a lot of drowsiness and this is in context with my second point “The energy drain”. Masturbating leads to the release of a large quantity of dopamine to the human brain which is a major element in stimulating drowsiness in the individual.
  8. FALLING OFF OF HAIR As a man who finds fun in masturbating, you should not be shocked in a case when your hair begins to fall off as it is a result of your “hands getting a job”.
  9. FORGETFULNESS In the long run, you begin to notice you forget things easily just for no reason and not like you are old though. This is because of the steady release of a large amount of dopamine to the brain which clouds your thinking ability.
  10. AGEING IS HASTENED: In an average, a case study has it those men who tend to pleasure themselves sexually by the means of masturbation six to seven times on a weekly get to have their ageing hastened which is caused by the constant drop in the testosterone level in the male body.

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