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Davido aka Adedeji Adeleke’s Networth (In Dollars and in Naira)

Davido is an outstanding musician whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke. He is one of the richest of Nigerian musicians. His networth is one that interests everyone even before he sang”thirty billion for the account”He is also known to be a very versatile and unique as singer. More so, he has presented himself to be a good producer too. He had been featured and has also featured great Nigerian artists like Ice Prince, Runtown, Uhuru etc. Despite the fact that he had been singing with a musical group before, his real break out song was ‘ Omo Baba Olowo’. Since then, e has produced many songs and had gotten a lot of awards in this business.

Davido aka Adedeji Adeleke’s Net worth

Below, you would be shown some of the details around his net worth, which include his assets and expenditure.

Davido’s Net worth Summarized

In the year 2016, he was known to have a net worth of N2.9 billion naira/$800 million. His wealth is an accumulation of money gotten from different sources. We would first discuss his source of wealth before giving you other details.

The Adedeji Family Wealth

– His parents are rich. His parents, Elder Delhi Adeleke and late Veronica Adeleke a very wealthy man whose influence cannot be overlooked. He had been the primary source of Davido’s income before he finally stood on his own.


Davido’s Father’s-Deji Adeleke’s Net worth

He is referred to as Elder Deji Adeleke. Elder Deji is a business mogul and an angel investor. He and his late wife, Veronica Adeleke, gave birth to two children Davido Adeleke and Sharon Adeleke

Elder Deji Adeleke is the Pro Chancellor as well as a partnering founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. He also is the CEO of pacific holding Limited. This company takes their time to invest in various sectors across Nigeria.

He had made investments into Real estate, Record Labels, Securities and Back sectors as well as other sectors.

In 2015, Elder Deji Adeleke built a multi-million-naira church building for the church he attends- Seventh Day Adventist Church. In his philanthropism, he donated money to Davido’s Alma Mata, Babcock University. He made sure Davido graduated from the University despite his status as a celebrity. He also funded the account of the school to train Davido to be a musician. With his wealth, he helped build the music department for a one-man class.

The Adeleke family has a lot of millionaires and billionaires in the family tree.

Davido’s grandfather, Chief Adebayo Adeleke, was the orchestrator of Banana Island (Lagos).

Dr. Deji Adeleke is the younger brother of former Osun state governor, Isiaka Adeleke and has an estimated Net Worth of $700 Million.

He also, like Davido, has class vehicles. And also has private Jet, which according to experts worth 35 Million dollars.


Davido’s Endorsements

– In 2012, Mtn revealed that he was the face of Mtn pulse after they have signed a #30 million deal with him. This alone is something that stand as a good record for him. More so, the improved version of the contract now has him at #40 million naira.

Guinness Nigeria signed him to an endorsement deal. And this endorsement saw him performing at the Guinness Word (More Concert).

Record Label, Concerts and Videos

-Davido is the co- owner of HKN music.

-Deji Adeleke aka Davido charges N7-N10 million per shows and booking.

– He charges N30-N250 thousand dollars for simply attending shows and organized events. He gets a lot of from these as he regularly attends for concerts.

Davido’s Videos

David makes a lot of money from his YouTube account which has more than a view of 5million views per video. And the viewers are increasing regularly.

Clothing Line.

Davido has added a clothing line to his source of income. He called it O.B.O (Omo Baba Olowo).  Some of the T-shirts are available through his website. Through this means he had carved a way of making money for himself.

OBO’S Assets


Davido has numerous assets that are worth millions of Naira. When he visited the BBNaija 2017 housemates. He let it drop that he once spend 50 billion dollars while trying to kick start his music career.


Davido’s CARS

– His Private Jet- this is not a way of him showing off his wealth. He got this as a gift from his father.

– Davido has numerous cars, some of which are gifts. His latest car cost about N20 Million naira.

His Honda cost N4 Million naira. He has a Porche which he also bought at a price estimated to N21 million naira. His range over is also worth N20 Million naira. And he has other precious ones.


Davido’s Houses

– His house worth more than #40 million. He built the house several years before. His aim was to make it one of the most expensive houses in Nigeria. He made sure they used granite countertops and roofed it with rust proof steel appliance.


Davido’s Baby Mamas

Davido has how many kids?

2! He has Aurora Imade Adeleke from his foray with Sophia Momodu.

A second he got from Hailey Veronica Adeleke.

Davido impregnated a lady when he was just 21. He accepted his responsibility and pays her regularly.During a very bitter battle years back, he let it be known that he had rented an apartment for her in a high-brow area of lagos. His baby Mama, Sophia Momodu, also gets N300,000 per month and N500,000 every December since 2015. In total, she gets 3.8 million per year.

He also has a second babymama.One thing is certain-he takes good care of his kids and is not ashamed to show them off.

He also went viral for his loving relationship with Chef CHioma who he bought an expensive car for her birthday.

Davido’s Jewelry

Davido has several necklaces but one of the most popular ones is the one he bought at ATL. The necklace was encrusted with Jewel which has a worth close to 13 million Naira. The neckpiece was used to make ‘ OBO’ which means ‘Omo Baba Olowo’.

Of recent, he got another type of neckpiece which he used to make the word, ’30 Billion Gang’. This is just a way to prove that he is worth more than 30 billion as he stated in his latest song.

More so, while he was singing at his father’s 60th birthday, he said his father had N30 Billion in his account but his father corrected him with a snapchat that he was worth more than N90 billion.lol The family of money.


Davido’s Awards

These are some of his award. As early as 2014, David can proudly say he has received a total of 29 awards. He had been winner of a BET Award, a Channel O, A Nigeria Music Video Award, A Kora Award, 2 African Music Awards, 5 Headies Award, 2 Dynamix All Youth Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards. And lots more.Years later, he is still grabbing the awards and building his networth!




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