Current Oral Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Top Tough Job Interview Questions You Will Always Encounter and the Best Answers

Interviews can be really tricky if you are sitting on the opposite side of the table. The questions thrown at you can be difficult, tricky and tough all at one time. Even if you are the most confident person on earth, if you are not vast in how to answer major interview questions, then you are sure to fail.

Top 10 Sample Oral Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

The following is a compilation of probable interview questions that have been known to be recycled at every turn. The format is always disorganized or disfigured to confuse you, but having this basic knowledge would really equip to smash down any fear the interviewers might project.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer

The people have been known to answer this questions very well are women because they have a way talking that would make you feel they have told you about the whole world; yet, they have ensured their information is guided. This question is an open-ended question that can lead you to spill the strangest of information before you know it. Therefore, it is wise you give your answer as the one below.

How to Answer this Question:

  • Identify your attributes and discuss them.
  • Give a concise description of your qualification, career history, and range of skill. Make sure you emphasize on those needed for the job.
  • Ensure that you include how you are sure your skills would help the company.
  • Give very shorts examples.
  • Stop and ask if they would require that you give them more information (most of the time, they would stop there).
  • In case they say ‘Yes, then proceed to give more examples.

Tell Us About Your Achievements Sample Answer

Here, the interviewer is concerned about how much achievement you have made, and how this achievement is valuable to their company. Most times, they just want to know if you are someone that would increase the way people see and refer to their company. So, to answer this question, use any of the following lines below.
How to Answer this Question? Tell them about one or two recent achievements, especially ones that are in line with the particular jobs.Tell them how your skills had really helped solve any situation. :

What is your Greatest Weakness Sample Answer

The truth is that the interviewers themselves are not all aware of their weakness. Most of them are just concerned to know if you are someone that tells himself the truth. For a case like this, all the interviewer is desirous of knowing is if you are aware of yourself. Therefore, saying that you are without weakness is like saying you are a perfect person, which is very impossible.

How to Answer This Question?

  •   Avoid using the word ‘weakness’ in your expressions; instead, focus on telling them that you are trying to improve on some part of your life.
  • If possible, try to avoid talking about the weakness that would pose a threat to the company. In order words, look for weaknesses outside the company. (In Falztheguy’s voice) Talk about how fried plantain makes you feel weird-Just pulling your leg. However, try to bring out something that is not mostly outside the company and be creative about it.
  • Avoid posing a strength as weakness such as ‘I make friends a lot and it sometimes affects my work’. This should be avoided at all cost.A quick reminder to let them know how you are improving your weakness. This is another thing they are looking out for.

Why Should We Hire You Sample Answer

They have your CV already and have a brief knowledge of what you can offer. But they need you to confidently and creatively tell them things about yourself.

When answering this, use any of these:

  •  Trying pitching yourself. It is just like meeting the president of Nigeria and you want to tell him how passionate you are about those walking on the road for him. It is like presenting yourself as a theme ready to be explored.
  • Tell them about your long-term goals for yourself and the company.
  • Ensure you have the knowledge of the role you are to play in the company and dish out points as regarding these.

What Is Your Greatest Strength Sample Answer

  :At this junction, you have to be meticulous and deliberate in how you have to answer this question. In case your strength is something that can be analyzed as you seat among them, then you have to put in your best to show it. Answer in any of the following ways: i. Enumerate your skills and give ample examples. ii. If your strength can be displayed there, be bold enough to do it iii.Try to pick a skill that coincides with the expected job.

Why Are You Leaving or Did You Leave Your Last Job : 

For this question, the interviewer is trying to find out if you are someone that would back-stab others.

  • i. Be creative in answering your question. Now, that you are reading this from Manly, it simply shows that you are preparing for a job interview- whether soon or far. Therefore, start writing the best answers to these questions.
  • ii. Avoid complaining about the last job.
  • iii. Don’t flatter this new job; instead, focus on some great part of this new job that really made you sacrificed your last job for this.
  • iv. Even though most of the times the money is always the reason for crossing over, never hint that you are going there for the salary.

How Do You Work Under Pressure Sample Answer 

They are very sure there is pressure in works, and just need confirmation from you that you are capable of handling it whenever it arises.

The best answers to give are:

  1. The skills you have that have really helped you to handle pressure well.
  2. The knowledge you have about pressure. For example, you can give them a quote (invented or from an authority like ‘For every action, there is a reaction, for every reaction, there is a counter-reaction’. Then proceed to explain human nature and how you think you can wrap your head around pressure.Give examples of how you succeeded in turning things around for good even under tough pressure.

What Are Your Goals For the future Sample Answer 

they just want to know if you would stick around or just run away at the sight of a new bigger opportunity.

Answer in the following way:

  1.  Never tell them how you want to be a chairman (in Falzthebahdguy‘ voice) or at the top (in Frank Donga’s voice); instead, give specific details.
  2. Play with words especially when you know you might leave soon.Let them know how you are ready to use their company as a means of getting to your goal because you would do everything to ensure the growth of the company while training to become better in their company.

Are You A Team Player Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer

This question is so confusing and cannot simply be answered with a yes or no. You need to answer in any of the following ways; 

  1. Even those in the most hidden part of a company are still playing a role.
  2. i The Above have rattled them in itself. Now, aim to give examples of how you were a team player.

Do You Have Any Question Sample Answer

:They just want to analyze how much you are a solution provider. Therefore, ensure you have a list of questions prepared on your way to their company. This means that you have to do a lot of research before heading down for the interview.

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