How To Become A Male Model In Nigeria (Expert Tips)

Victor Ndigwe- Nigerian model

Victor Ndigwe- Nigerian modelIf you have been receiving compliments about your good looks or beautiful body frame and you have a passion for cameras meaning photogenic then modelling is for you.

You do not necessarily have to be perfectly built to become a model. Applying the right routine such as good balanced diet regular exercise and body care you could become Nigeria’s next top model.

Things to Know to Become a Successful Male Model 

Self-confidence passion determination and a positive outlook is required to showcase your beauty to the world as a model. Since Agbani Darego victory in the miss world pageant in the sector of modelling has been revolutionized. The trend is becoming more recognized and greater awareness is being shown on the industry.

The following steps would help you achieve your dream of becoming a model :

  1. Build your  physique: The diet you eat would help shape your body. Heavy foods such as Eba and fufu are not advised for prospective models. For the make your abs and body frame is required to be built and to appear physically fit.A dietitian can prescribe the right diet to enable you build your body in the right proportion. YouTube tutorials can also help in guiding you on the foods to eat the exercises to carry out and other tested tips.
  2. Face, Skin and Hair care: A glowing skin especially the face is what could differentiate two well-built models.Skin care routines such as drinking lots of water fruits and vegetables help to remove skin wrinkles and reduce the aging on the skin. Skin care products could also assist in toning removing black heads and oily skin to enable the skin flourish and glow. Every hair style wouldn’t fit everyone finding our right fit could go a long way in complementing our good looks and bringing out our facial structures.  Using hair care products that nourish the scalp promote hair growth and give a glossy effect are advised.
  3. Walk the Walk: A confident and bold walking style helps you stand out as a model . Learn by watching tutorials on YouTube and practice constantly till you get better.
  4. Build a Portfolio: Creating a personal portfolio is a way to stay ahead of the highly competitive modelling industry. By getting a professional photographer to capture your portfolio you can easily market yourself to different modelling agencies whether online or by dropping off copies of your work without physically being present. This allows your portfolio to travel to a wider audience and unimaginable markets especially in the age of social media .Forming a personal blog also comes at no cost.You can drop your pictures there with short captions to give the reader a holistic  image.
  5. Take Body Measurements and Locate Modelling Agencies: Every modelling agency or modelling job has its requirements in terms of body size and age.You need to ensure you fit into this requirement before sending in your application.
  6. Join a Modelling Agency: Most modelling agencies in the country are run by experienced former models. Therefore, joining one will open you up to numerous learning opportunities as well as contacts. Read through contracts thoroughly before signing them to ensure you are happy with the terms of your employment and to avoid any hidden clauses that could later affect your career.
  7. Be Professional and Creative: The career is challenging like every other you need to keep your head high embrace the lifestyle and be ready to get creative in order to beat the competition. Modelling has a stigma attached to it, you will need to be professional at all times in order to command respect and douse the stereotype attached to the profession.
  8. Attend Fashion Events and Training Schools: Attending fashion events would help you network with other professionals and improve your skill.Learning is a continuous process and there’s a lot of knowledge to be picked up during your career.
  9. Identify your Niche: Modelling is a broad sector and they are various types of modelling jobs.You need to study all the types of modelling jobs their age and body requirements and how it fits into your personal wants.


Categories of Models in Nigeria

Below are the various categories:

  1. Runway model – This is usually reserved for reputable models. It requires you to catwalk on the runway to advertise clothing.
  2. Glamour model – This is usually a sexually provocative modelling, it involves posing in front of a photographer in sexy clothing.
  3. Commercial model – These serve as product ambassadors. Their faces are plastered for advertisement on products in order to promote sales.
  4. Fitness model – This is usually for fit models. It requires you to promote fitness or sporting products.
  5. Fashion model – This type of modelling requires you to be tall and these models are usually featured on the front pages of magazines.

Top 5 Male Models in Nigeria

  1. Victor Ndigwe: He won the Aquafina elite model look and hasn’t looked back ever since. He is the first Nigerian to model for Ermenegildo Zegna and Missoni in Italy. He has walked the runway for Hermès, Balmain, Kenzo, Haider Ackermann and so on.
  2. Davidson Obennebo: Elite Model Look 2016 Winner, Davidson has walked for Givenchy and Balmain. He is currently a major face at Versace, the first brand he walked for.
  3. Leonardo Taiwo: This six feet two inches Model is better known for his dark and handsome physique. He bone structure and glossy skin are to die for. He has featured on vogue Italia and GQ editorials He has featured for Nike, New era Clark’s and Calvin Klein campaigns.
  4. Akintayo ogunkoya: This six feet one inch model came into limelight after his Benetton campaign. He is easily recognized for his carefree natural fro and green eyes. He has modelled for Dior, Versace, DKNY and can also be found in Abercrombie & Fitch, Hermès catalogues.
  5. Seun Balogun: This 6 ft 1 model was a finalist at the Elite Model Nigeria in 2015, in the same year he modelled for top designers at the Lagos Fashion Week.He is currently on contract with renowned modelling agencies in South Africa. He shined at the Capetown’s Menswear Fashion Week 2016 and continues to make a name for himself.

Top modelling agencies in Nigeria are:

  1. Silverbird Group –
  2. Identical media –
  3. Y-ray models –
  5. Exquisite models international – Their website is
  6. Zahara models –


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