Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria (All You Need to Know)

ngo in nigeria at work with children

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an established non-profit, voluntary group which is organized at either local, national or international level.

ngo in nigeria at work with children

With high increase in poverty rate and emergence of natural disasters, some people have given it thought that government alone cannot deal with all these occurrences that is why they have decided to aid people, especially the internally displaced persons.

Apart from governmental organizations in Nigeria, there are various organizations that are not actually established by the government but are equal to the task of providing employment opportunities and even helping the country at large.

NGOs are independent of government and other international government organizations but are sometimes funded by governments. They are active in giving supports that have to deal with educational, public policy, health, environmental and even offer humanitarian support to people displaced by natural disaster.

They are task oriented and driven by people with common ideas. It helps in drawing the government attention to the peoples need. They advocate to monitor government policies and encourage political participation by making information available.

NGOs operates actively through funds donated voluntarily by prominent members of the public, some of them actually avoid formal funding and are run mainly by volunteers. They operate in different forms in various countries they are formed, they are highly diverse in the various services they render.

NGOs have helped in trying to eradicate and alleviate poverty in the best way they can, they have really served as a form of relief to what government can do especially in the area of humanitarian.

List of Top 5 NGOs in Nigeria

  1. Let’s Talk Humanity Initiative
  2. Access to Education for Children
  3. Action Aid International Nigeria
  4. Action Health Incorporated (AHI)
  5. All Nigeria United Nations Students’ &Youths Associations (ANUNSA)


  1. Action Against Hunger: This NGO helps to save lives by attempting to fighting maladies and yearning that deteriorates the life of vulnerable networks, by sustaining, nourishing the security of the people, providing well-being, water and sanitation to the community.This NGO functions in many ways which may include, management and mobilization of food for the community and even provides IEC material building, they ensure that they monitor, track and reports all cash and food they intend to give to displaced individual communities.They provide regular internal and external coordination for the program at Local government level and at the state level when required, provide training, orientation to communities displaced and hit with hunger regarding Action Against Hunger project, CRM, health and hygiene and other mobilization activities, they provide effective community mobilization at the LGA level.Apart from food, they provide all necessary relief materials needed in the IDP camps.
    action against hunger
  2. United Nations World Food Program: The United Nations World Food Program is one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organization fighting hunger across the globe.The mission of the World Food Program is to allow the world to wave goodbye to hunger for good. Consistently, World Food Program work all over the world to ensure that no kid goes to bed hungry and that the poorest and most powerless, especially ladies and youngsters, can get the nutritious sustenance they require.They perform various functions which include maintaining records and putting down important reference documents which are of high discretion. They arrange meetings and visits of high dignitaries from both the local government and foreign communities.Those employed as manager to work in this category may be required to work and be on call after closure or normal duty hours, which may include odd hours, weekends, holidays and attend functions and events other than their normal hour of duty.They are also involved in the Management, planning, coordination and execution of all aspects of protocol support. Employment in this category allows the officer makes policies like Formulating, developing and implementing protocol policies, strategic goals, obligations and programs for the NGO office.They develop and get reliable medium of information from government, and other United Nations organizations give prompt, up to date and accurate data on political, economic, and social developments of different countries which can be useful to the organization.
  3. Care International: This NGO “Care International” is one of the foremost and a global pioneer interested in saving the lives of the needy. They are very committed to ending starvation worldwide. They have spread their tentacles across nations and are currently working in more than 94 countries around the world. They are very keen on giving destitution fighting evolution and aiding guide ventures.Employees main work here is based purely on humanitarian. A team leader is employed to take care of the worth and success of CARE’s emergency response within his/her designated area of responsibility.
    care international

Starting and sustaining an NGO in Nigeria: 3 important things to consider

ngo in nigeria

Starting up an NGO is not a big deal, but zeal and passion for humanitarian work can be the main factor that can drive you to what you need to set up one. It is an amazing thing for you to be celebrated for contributing to society.

You should be aware that setting up a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) means you will be set to fill up roles that the government has failed to. These organizations can be set up in small or large scale, work in the health, civil society and other sectors of the society. Groups and individuals can set up an NGO with the aim of contributing positively to society.

Below are some of the requirements needed to start up an NGO

  1. Legal requirements: Before you think of setting up an NGO you will need a more structured process. You need to give the organization legal backing and status. You can do this by registering the organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You should avoid the use of proxy and take full custody of the process, this will make you be in control of all important documents and the chances of disaster will be less.You will also need to create the problems you need to bring to an end, the legal responsibilities it will be subject to and your aims and objectives. One important thing you need also is the service of a legal practitioner that will guide you on the legal rights of the NGO you wish to open.
  2. Obtaining and sustaining funds:Before putting an NGO in place you must be very sure about the source and availability of funds. You don’t start an NGO by assuming funds will surely come, you must be sure about the readiness and availability of fund before setting up one.You must have funds for the kind of activities you want to run with your proposed NGO, you must be able to get access to government grants, you must be sure if you are able to put up the NGO for a long period of time and finally, you must have an effective and strong structure.
  3. Run your NGO like a business venture: Even if the NGO is run as a non-profitable organization, you should have it at the back of your mind that you still need to incorporate so profit-making features into the organization, this will make it long last and make it stand well. Have a strong financial system. You will need to put the interest of those you want to cater for and you will need to have a market budget, decide a strategy to apply, have a proper report plan.

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