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“I Like Light-Skinned Girls” Falz talks about his taste in Women, Why he is Single & what he would do if he were not a Musician


Falz the Bahd guy is a well-known musician and comic character. Recently, he dabbled into acting and has even bagged  the prestigious African Movie Viewer’s Choice Award

In an interview with Punch Falz tells us some interesting things about himself.

On Wanting to Play for the Super Eagles


“Well, apart from music and law, if there’s something I want to do professionally, it is to play football. I like sports so much especially football. I believe so much in my skills as well and I think I am capable of playing professionally; the problem is that Super Eagles was supposed to sign me but they missed their chance. They missed their opportunity but it’s so unfortunate for them.”




Why He chooses to Stay Single

“In terms of relationship matter, I want to keep that one aside for now because relationship can be a source of distraction. When somebody loves a woman so much, he may abandon his work and I don’t want that to be the story of my life. So when it comes to relationships, I am still single and I don’t currently have anybody. That does not mean that I am not searching or I am not ready to mingle with single ladies. We can still mingle and have some fun together; who knows somebody may just capture my heart. So I may be over here saying I’m not searching, and somebody may be out there planning to win my heart and by the time they capture me, I will become love struck. What can I do when it happens?”


On his Taste in Women

“To be completely honest, I am not too keen when it comes to the lady’s physique but I like someone who is very intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humour. These are the things I really look out for in a woman. But in terms of preference generally, I think I like the light-skinned girls but this doesn’t mean that there is no hope for dark-skinned girls and it doesn’t mean that you should go and bleach.”

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