Best Creams for Fair Skinned Men In Nigeria

fair nigerian man using the right creamLooking for the best cream for your fair skin? Here’s what you need to know!
Many people are more often faced with what seems to be a large problem when picking out creams , they always want to get the best and in doing so might end up stressed. Different skin types require a different skin care and approach so as to avoid hyperpigmentation , skin damages and reactions. Choosing the best cream for your skin can seem like a very easy task but the truth is that it is a very delicate process and all could go wrong with your skin if you miss a step along the line , you should always do your findings and research before jumping into the usage of and skin care brand. A common misconception most people dwell in is that if a skin cream smells nice and feels good to touch it is perfect for their skin , I will say a big NO to this misperception. Fragrance and texture of any skin cream or product do not determine if it is best for your skin , there is more to choosing the perfect cream for your skin than just dwelling on mere assumptions and perceptions.

Fair skin is without argument one of the most delicate or fragile skin types , for this single reason it therefore demands the best treatment and care. Fair skin should be taken good care off because it is mostly bright and conspicuous , any mark or injury that arises will be clearly seen and can probably not be hidden. The necessity to find the best skin cream for fair skin cannot be overemphasized , any complications that arises as a result of using the wrong skin cream on a fair skin could lead to long term or permanent damages to the skin and also uncomfortable marks. On this post we are going to list the best creams for fair skinned men and the criteria’s that should be taken into consideration when buying a cream for any skin type.

Top 4 Creams that are Best for Fair-Skinned Men

The creams listed below on this article for fair skinned men have been tested and are trusted , these creams come with no complications/ side effects from their usage and are available in various malls, shops and online stores nationwide.

    Fair and white is no doubt a popular brand and needs no introduction when it comes to the making of skin care products specifically for fair skinned people. Fair and brite is a brand that has made a name for themselves and earned the trust of Nigerians from the skin care prowess, Fair and brite is definitely one of the most sought after brands for fair skinned men. This skin cream is considered one of the most efficient and it helps well for fair skinned men to maintain their skin complexion even in harsh weather conditions. Fair and brite extreme skin radiance brightening lotion is made from a perfect blend of fine ingredients like morus alba ( mulberry root extract ) , hydroquinione and more carefully selected to hydrate the skin and help keep your skin radiance. The cream is suitable for all fair skinned men in all age groups and the 500ml bottle retails for an affordable price of about 5000 naira on the average , it is available at various online stores and malls nationwide.
  2.  GARNIER POWERLIGHT MOISTURIZER FOR MEN: Garnier-Fairness-Cream-Powerlight-For-MenGarnier powerlight moisturizer is a mens skin moisturizer that prevents the skin from getting darker even in harsh weather conditions. The garnier powerlight moisturizer is perfect for fair skinned men and has been proven to work well , it helps clear uneven skintone areas in approximately 3-4 week of usage. It functions for fair skinned men with both dry skin and oily skin with its oil reduction moisturizer. Garnier powerlight mens moisturizer is available for purchase in various skincare products retail stores in Nigeria and also online.
  3. VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE UV LOTION: Vaseline is definitely not a new name in the Nigerian skincare industry ,they have gained the trust of Nigerians and carved a niche for themselves in skin caring. Vaseline healthy white uv lotion is one of the best skin creams for fair skinned men who are looking to either maintain their skin colour or correct imbalances and complications other counterfeit skin care products/ the sun might have caused. It contains special ingredients like vitamin b3 that gives the skin a bright look and promotes a radiant skin. Vaseline healthy white uv lotion retails for about 2500 for the 400ml squeeze bottle.
  4. JERGENS FAIR AND SOFT MOISTURIZER.: The jergens brand by now should already be an household name in Nigeria as they have been delivering quality and effective skin treatment and care products for many years in Nigeria. Jergens fair and soft moisturizer is one of our top picks for fair skinned men in Nigeria , the moisturizer increases the level of hydration in the skin thereby preventing dry and scaly skin. Jergens fair and soft moisturizer is also good for fair skinned me because it contains sunscreen which protects the skin from damages caused by the sun thereby preventing skin color damages/ hyperpigmentation.


1) Weather: The Nigerian weather is hot! Avoid creams that will generate heat
2) Skin type/ complexion: Your skin color dictates the type of cream you use. If you are fair, avoid creams that will darken you like Shea Butter.
3) Age: The older you get the more you should consider using creams that have anti-aging substances like collagen and hydraulic acid.

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