Best Hair Dyes In Nigeria to Try Out for a Colour Pop!

types of hair dyes in NigeriaIn a simple note , Dye is a colourant/tincture especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied . To that regard , hair colouring or hair dyeing is the practice of changing the hair colour .We might wonder why peolple dye their hair .. The main reason for this are ; to remove grey or white hair , to change to a style known to be in vogue since fashion is dynamic , to restore the former hair to what it was after it has been bleached by hot actions , say the sun .

Before this time , The Celtic people were most recognized for dyeing and hair blond. These people are very tall with pale golden brown hair. They weren’t born with this blond , it happened due to over-bleaching . Even at this time , they still bleach it by washing it with lime. These people’s hair are very thick , like the thickest strand of a horse’s hair . Some of these people have their hair cleaned and well shaved but the nobles among them only shave their cheek , leaving the moustache unshaved , covering the upper part of the upper lip . They were like this in some parts of Britain , Wales per say ..long after the fall of the Roman Empire that was conquered by the Teutonic barbarians.

Top Hair Dyes to Try in Nigeria

Here in Nigeria , three types of hair dyes are commonly used , the grey , the white , and the henna hair dye .

The Gray hair Dye.

Women whose hair are like that of a newly born baby , curly and soft look great with gray hair . And because graying of hair makes hair dark at the top and graduating to light , the effective effect is laid back and easy to wear. The darker parts of the hair are perfect for fall too . So if your golden summer highlights are feeling a little stale and you really want an update , you can go for a gray hair dye , it is a gorgeous inspiration .

Only if you have naturally dyed your hair lightly with a pale golden brown hair .. dyeing gray means bleaching your hair to remove the colour before dyeing your hair . This will cause a breakage on the hair on bleaching even if its done by an expert . Simply , your hair may become thinner and you may need to cut off some length to keep it in a safe and sound state..

In order for gray dye to look true to its color, it should be applied to hair that has a white-silver undertone, which is exactly what you’ll get when you put purple toner on bleached hair with a yellow undertone.


The White Hair Dye.

When we say we want to whiten Our hair , it is just like saying we want to bleach it , it is less stressful than graying of hair or dyeing with henna . Inspite , whitening of hair cannot be easily achieved by any kind of hair , I.e not all hairs can be dyed white . In short your hair must be virgin for you to be able to use this dye on it . This implies either your hair has never been dyed before or previously used dye is no longer present . If your hair has been dyed initially with a permanent dye , you shouldn’t try to dye your hair white until the initial dye has gone out .

This hair dye can be bought at Maris Hair $ accessories at 12/14 Bab animashaun street , Surulere, Lagos . Also available at T-Touch hair Clinic at Ajao road , Ikeja , Lagos . Also sold at Delali Hair Tech at 37, Glover court , Ikeja Lagos .

The Henna Hair Dye

Among the best and common hair dye in Nigeria , the henna hair dye is the only one that won’t lighten the hair , especially if you are trying to get a shade of red, brown or black. Using henna dye , we can apply the dye without waiting for the initial dye to wash or go out . It will stain the initial colour of the hair . As such, dyeing of hair with henna varies from hair to hair .

Also , the henna hair dye is a natural hair dye unlike the white and gray hair dye . Using henna to colour hair is a fantastic readily made alternative to man-made dyes , and it is a panacea/key to getting a fascinating results . Each colour is expertly blended with this natural dye , essential oils and deeply conditioning cocoa butter , so your hair will be left looking fabulous.

To perfect dyeing process of hair , some instructions must be followed , these instructions are the post dyeing process .

Post Dyeing Process.

Applying Vaseline or tieing a nylon and your hairline will prevent dying from touching your skin .
Using your hands to separate your hairs will make the dye travel throughout the hair and make sure it is dyed all through .

Where to Buy Hair Dye In Nigeria

There are several places to buy hair dye in Nigeria. You can visit any local store in your environment and you will find several option.
However, in order to get an effective hair dye that will not have side -effects, ensure you visit a standard beauty store.
Some stores include Sannix Cosmetics Nigeria Limited , Located at Ojokoro , Ifako Ijaiye , Lagos State. It can also be bought at Diamond Cosmetics Industry Limited in Barnawa phase 1 , Kaduna south , Kaduna . It is also available at Swayz Cosmetics , located at Yaba , Surulere Lagos.

One trusted store is Natures Gentle touch located at 3k, Aswani road , Isolo Industrial Estate , Lagos. It can also be gotten at Beauty supply store , Sizelle , located at Km 18 , Lekki-Epe express Road , Lekki peninsula , Lekki Lagos.

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