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4 Common Shaving Mistakes Made by Nigerian Men

Nigerian man shaving

Nigerian man shaving

  1. Wrong Preparation:

Most guys prep by spraying cold tap water on their faces. Wrong.

The right way is to open up your pores and relax our hair follicles with steam or a hot towel on your face.

Don’t have time for that? No problem! Spray your face with warm  to soften your stubble and you are good.


2. Rinsing Wrongly:

You should rinse your blade with each pass. This is because with each stroke, your blades may be filling with hair, dead skin and shaving cream.Its building up will reduce the glide and sharpness of your blades. This in turn could lead to  spotty shaves and razor burn.


3. Pressing too Hard:

Pressing too hard against your skin causes an uneven surface. Also you could end up digging into or cutting our skin.
Light pressure is all you need.If you are using good razor, then it should do its work.


4. Ignoring Your Neck

Your fresh, cleanly-shaved look than messy tufts on your neck.
Always try to extend your shaving to beyond your chin to your neck and Adam’s apple

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