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These 5 Unprofessional Habits Can Make You lose Your Promotion-Stop Them Now

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Perception is very important when it comes to career and business

Perception, most times, is what determines who gets promoted, whose salary is increased and who is seen as leadership material.

It is, therefore, self- destructive to your goals if you allow yourself  come off as unprofessional.

The thing is- there a tiny habits you may be exhibiting that make you come off as unprofessional. Take a look at some of them.

  • Using Curse Words:

Advanced as our society may seem- we still are a relatively conservative Using colourful 4 letter words would only make you look unprofessional. It doesn’t matter if you work in one of those unconventional tech office in “yabaright”

  • Wandering Eyes:

Wandering eyes happen when you do not agree with the person, and decide to make it known using your eyes. So you disengage mentally and allow, maybe even make, your eyes speak. What you are actually doing is making you look weak and unprofessional. Let’s hope your boss has not caught you at it.

  • The “Na So We See Am” Syndrome:

The “na so we see am” syndrome comes in different forms- It could be “It is what it is”, “you know how it is” or “it is how they do it here”. When you say this helplessly during brains storming sessions or during seemingly harmless chitchats with your boss, you only end up position yourself as unserious, helpless and ultimately unprofessional

  • The “You Guys” Syndrome


This can also come off in words and action. It makes you seem like you are not a team player. Even if you do not agree with an opinion or decision, approach it like a team member- like you are part of the entire process.

  1. Peppering Everything with “In My Opinion”:

    You know that colleague that decorates every statement with- “In My Opinion”? They tend to always have a certain arch to their neck- the “I’m just saying arch”.- Don’t be that guy. When you open your mouth, its already your opinion-saying it out or emitting a body language that clearly says it will only make you look unprofessional.

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