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5 Benefits of Working at a Start-Up

Recently Nigerian start-ups have gotten the reputation of laying off staff arbitrarily. Only recently, Jumia  layed off 10% of its members of staff. It is no wonder that people do not want to work with a start-up- there simply is no job security!

Haven  worked with a start-up , I’l tell you that working with a start-up is not all hell- there are a lot of advantages that you may not get in  traditional organisation. I’l give you 5

  1. You Do Work that Matters:

At a start-up, every employee is crucial. Therefore you find that you’re always doing something that is critical to the mission and vision of the company. In a corporate environment however, especially if you are just starting out, odds are, you will be stuff that are not critical and are of little significance. If you really want to make an impact, a start-up is where you should work at.

  1. You Get to Wear Many Hats:

    With a start-up, you get to gain invaluable experience. Because the budget at a start-up I s tight, they tend to have people who can do more than one thing- this may mean longer hours and more stress, but it means more experience and accolades in your portfolio. Perfect for when you just starting up.

  2. Experience the Start-Up Culture:

The culture at start-ups are way more different from those at corporate organisations .

From the dress code  which is more laid back, to employee hierarchy and employee rules. A corporate office is usually filled with annoying politics and bureaucracy. This is reduced considerably at a start-up

  1. Experience What it Means to be an Entrepreneur:

Planning to be an entrepreneur? Working with a start-up is a great way to start out. This is because of the dynamics of a start-up, you will be able to learn how decisions are made at the top, client relationships are grown, and day-to-day business matters are handled. You experience a drive and energy that is also invaluable.


  1. Networking:

    Start-Ups are usually at a growing phase, you will be a part of this and be expected to branch out and meet new clients and contacts on behalf of the business.

This gives you an opportunity to make your pool of contacts grow.

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