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Ayiri Emami:Networth,Biography & Shocking Facts You Never Knew

Ayiri Emami:Networth,Biography & Shocking Facts You Never Knew


Who is Ayiri Emami?
Warri born and brought up Nigerian billionaire, Ayiri Emami aka the Ajuwaoyiboyami of Warri Kingdom, Delta State happens to be a well-known business magnate. Ayiri, as he is universally called, is known to have to his name a business establishment known as the 911 Beach and Resort located in Ugorodo, Warri south west local government area of Delta State, Nigeria as well as being a top contractor with the Chevron Sasol EGTL projected carried out in Delta State, Nigeria.

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Asides from owning a beach and resort and being a major key to one of the biggest oil companies in the federation, Ayiri Emami also has to his name the ownership of the popular A & E Petrol and A & E group of companies with major assets in oil, logistics, entertainment, construction, hospitality amongst other enterprises. Quite a business man Ayiri tends to be. It is also known that he made his millions turned billions during the days of former Delta State Governor, Chief Onanefe James Ibori where he was awarded then as the chairman of Delta Waterways Security Committee as well as board chairman of Niger Cat Constructions at the time.

It is rumored that in the year 2011, spent over the sum of 150 million (Naira) for his wedding to Asba Emami. Ayiri Emami had gotten all the guests who attended his wedding on a first class plane trip and this featured top musicians in the industry as well as popular stand-up comedians. His wedding happens to still be on people’s lips even until now.


Moving on as years passed, it is recorded that in 2013, Ayiri Emami happened to have been one of the major sponsors of popular musician Innocent Idibia aka 2baba and Annie Idibia, spending the sum of over 20 million (Naira) with the occasion taking place in Ahbu Dhabi, Dubai. It is also known that Ayiri Emami had given as a wedding gift to 2baba and wife, a 15 million (Naira) Range Rover Sport SUV to go alongside.


On the 23rd of October 2014 which happens to have been his wife’s birthday, Ayiri is said to have come first hand with a gift of class to celebrate the woman of his life and mother to his children by giving her a brand new Rolls Royce as she added yet another year.

Once upon a time, Ayiri Emami had organized a cooking contest in the kitchen of one of his many mansions where he gathered different people who participated to cook for him and the winner went away with a cash prize as well as gifts. Ayiri Emami is known to be a cheerful giver although rumor has it he may have made his riches through bunker but that is hearsay.

It is also known that Ayiri Emami took it upon himself to see to the rehabilitation of popular reggae musician, Majek Fashek until he got well but then decided to withdraw from the matter give or take seven months after Majek Fashek returned from the rehabilitation home he was been treated in Abuja. Ayiri Emami in an interview made it clear to the public he had no hands and has washed off all pertaining to Majek Fashek as the latter had returned to Lagos even after being told not to by him thereby going against his wish. Ayiri further explained the situation saying it was made known by the doctors that Majek Fashek needed to take a break from the music industry and rest more and so he had proposed Majek Fashel come to Warri to relax but instead of adhering to the wish of his savior, he had gone against his desires thereby spiting him (Ayiri) and had gone to Lagos and back into the music industry without resting. Majek Fashek is said to have been provided with whatever he needed to be in comfort but instead, he was bent on going back into the music game and he decided to let him go.


As one who never shows off on social media or speaks about his wealth leaving it to bloggers like us to research and write about has quite a large net worth to his profile both monetary and assets.

It is not known exactly what the figures are but it is known that Ayiri Emami has to his name about four mansions (those that we are aware of) both in the United States of America and as well as here in Nigeria. These houses are not just ‘mansions’ but could be regarded as an ‘epitome of luxury and class’. Ayiri Emami is known to have got himself quite a high taste and with such an adorable wife of his, they both most definitely know how to live quite large. After a deeper research on billionaire business tycoon, Ayiri Emami, it was gathered that one of his many luxurious homes happen to have a zoo with animals of all sorts as well as other luxury adornments that could hardly be found in other houses of top personalities. Trust me when I say it is not easy to run a zoo as it requires quite a lot of manpower to pay and as well as feeding the animals and all these, Ayiri Emami does with comfort.

Asides owning luxurious mansions, Ayiri Emami is known to have a fleet of a wide range in style and brands of cars which feature the 1965 classic Bentley he was spotted in as he went on a visit to see Innocent Idibia (2face) and wife Annie Idibia in Lagos. He happens to be so in love with automobiles that stepping into his garage reminds you of an auto sales shop in the United States adorned with fancy cars in different colors and styles not leaving out the customized Rolls Royce he had gotten his wife.

ayiri emami , his wife asba emami and their two kids

Ayiri Emami is one low-keyed billionaire though can never refuse to satisfy his yearnings. Quite an amazing wealth he has got as even his billions cannot be figured out in figures.

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