Aso-Ebi for Men:Styles for Your White Agbada

Bruh, if you don’t have a white native you are dulling.
I’l tell you a secret, there is something about showing up at wedding in a white agbada. The way the ladies show you respect. All you have to do is raise a hand the waiters are by your side with plate filled with hefty, shiny meat well supported with cold yet sweaty bottles.
Bruh! you won’t understand, choose one of these styles, sew and turn up at a wedding close to you.
I’l be here waiting for your testimony.

Asoebi for Guys 2019

The asoebi guy of 2019 is now fully formed and stylish. He knows turning up at the party wearing just any outfit will no longer cut it!- it stopped cutting it a couple of years ago!

So what is the implication? Fun styles, classic styles! The white agbada continues to be a classic male asoebi piece that will never go out of style. However, how men accessorize has gotten more interesting

Take a look at the different ways to rock your white agbada as a Nigerian man

Asoebi for Men 2018



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