10 Style Rules Every Nigerian Man Should Live By

  1. On Tie Length

    A tie should hit you at the belt buckle. Never higher or lower.Style rules

    2. On Pocket Square:

    They should complement your tie- never match it.


    3. On Suit Pants Length:


    Suit pants should not bunch up/break at your shoes.They should have about a one-inch break.

    4. On Wallet Size:


    A bulky wallet doesn’t make you look rich. Only carry the necessities: your ID, an ATM card  and a few small notes. Embrace the cashless policy not the classless policy.


    5. On matching leather shoes and belt:


    When wearing leather shoes, your belt should always match. Brown with brown and black with black.

    6.On Dress Shoes:

    You should always have a quality pair.

    7. On Flipflops:


    They are for the beach or moving around the house only.

    8.On Buttoning your Jacket:

    Never button the bottom button of you jacket.

    9. On Your Shoe Socks:


    They don’t need to match your pants, but they should complement your whole outfit. Also play round with them to complement your personality.
    Dont wear white socks with your suits. They are only for the gym

    10. On Wristwatches:

    Oversized/ plastic wristwatches are unflattering to anyone.Always wear something classy and timeless.

    Bonus Tip:



    On Square Shoes: Burn them.

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