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How to Write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy in Nigeria

How to Write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy in Nigeria

A lot of job applicants may not know that the probable reason they did not get short listed for a job applied for could have been due to the way they went about their application letter. When writing an application letter, one should have in mind of the proper use of grammar as well as punctuations.

Guessing you already have your Resume handy and well structured, the next phase would be to attach an application letter before sending out to potential employers in the labor market. For your Resume to have full attention by the employer, your application letter should be well written as well as interesting to be able to captivate the attention of your employer.

In this article, i would be sharing a step by step guide on how to construct an application letter to accompany your resume before sending to the employer.


When writing an application letter or cover letter as it is mostly called, it should appear to be a straightforward piece of content without any beating around the bush of any sort. To go about writing a master piece that would capture every attention of the employer who gets to go through your application, you should first put yoourself in the place of the employer who would receive your letter and then evaluate yourself.

For instance, having to send in your resume with no backup cover letter to go alongside only shows to the employer that you do not care much or probably an amateur in job seeking. Similarly, having to draft out a well-orchestrated application letter that is well presented will boost all chances of being successful in getting to the interview stage of the organization.


When preparing your application letter, it should be at the back of your mind to make it as brief as possible with roughly- give or take four to five paragraphs which could be outlined like;

You should always start your application letter also known as cover letter with your address been positioned at the very top right corner of the letter with inclusion of a contact number so it is easy to reach out to you if need arises.

  1. Paragraph One (Opening paragraph): In this paragraph, you get to make an introduction telling the employer who you are and where you from and maybe the institution you most likely attended. It also would include you outlining the job position you are applying for with maybe where you happen to have seen the job advertisement. In this paragraph, you are also allowed to mention the enclosure of your resume.
  2. Paragraph Two (Selling yourself paragraph): In this section of the letter, you are bound to explain extensively and interestingly the reason why you chose to apply for the job position. You would also be expected to give in detail what in particular your experience and skills or extra potentials you may have that makes you the best candidate from every other person. This paragraph could be themed; Sell yourself for the best. This paragraph could make or break you so out in your very best and do not forget to be as brief but interesting as possible.
  3. Paragraph Three (Value paragraph): This happens to be the stage where you get to let your employer know your values and importance to their organization. You would also make have to outline a reason or reasons why your application should be treated with consideration further
  4. Paragraph Four (Closing paragraph): In this section, you are allowed to mention your availability just in case you happen to get short listed for an interview and also mentioning when you most likely not going to be available so your employer knows first-hand how to go about it to avoid an incident that may cause you an interview.


Here are some major key points to adhere to when preparing your application letter;

  1. Avoid writing an epistle: The purpose of the letter is to accompany your resume so having to re write all that is already in your resume in your cover letter is a no for you and it could cost you an interview. Stay as brief as possible but catchy.
  2. Prevent from the use of flowery grammar: Going straight to the point should be a major focus and avoidance of flowery language would be highly appreciated.
  3. Channel the application to the organization and its job: Do not write an application letter in a bulk form to use as a draft to forward to many organizations at the same time. Make sure to write an application specifically for the job purpose and with focus on the company of prospects.
  4. Cross check your spelling: Never have all hopes on the spell checker from your Microsoft Word when typing. When you get through writing, re-read through what you have written for corrections in case of any grammatical error and spelling omissions. Also, make sure to punctuate accordingly. There is no harm in presenting your application letter to a friend or family member to help cross check for any errors just to be on the safe side.
  5. Email Application letter: The present age has made it easier to apply for jobs online and this creates an avenue to attach ones resume to a mail and then type out a cover letter to accompany it. Do not over write like it is a letter to your girlfriend in Kafachan, stay brief and hit the send button on the email when you are through.
  6. Typed Application letter: It is of utmost importance to know that nowadays, unless there is request for a handwritten application letter, you are to type it and print out and attach alongside your resume or get it generated on a computer. The font to also be used should be very formal in nature and most times it is required you use the “Times New Roman” font at size “12” as this is seen as the default font text and size for official documentations.

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