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How to Use Facebook For Free Without Data

How to Use Facebook For Free Without Data

Well, Facebook is the most used social media platform worldwide or maybe has the same statistics as Twitter but that is not the topic for today. Today, I would be shedding light on how you can use Facebook for free without incurring any form of data charge.

Facebook was founded by CEO Mark Zuckerberg alongside being the owner of Whatsapp, Instagram and most recently proposed to buy Snapchat but his offer was declined. Faceebook is a social platform where individuals connect with family and friends all over the world without having to call or text them and get charged by your service provider. I remember the days before Facebook came to be, every birthday of someone dear to us; we get to buy a card and address it to them but see how far Facebook has got us today. All you need do is log in to your account and write on the wall or inbox whoever you choose to wish a happy birthday without having to think of how you would send a birthday card through courier. This very Facebook that reduces our communication expense and also incurs data charges can be operated without having to bother about data bundle charges anymore.


This article would be helpful for a lot of you as I myself have been there at a certain time when as soon as I subscribe and browse through Facebook, 10 – 15 minutes later, I get a notification message from my subscriber saying my data would be auto renewed as my previous subscription remains… It could be really painful most especially in times when I have planned on saving data to download a recent episode of a television series or maybe I have work to do via my email box. All these got me pondering and actually gave me sleepless nights till I discovered different ways to prevent such episode from reoccurring yet again.

Now, first thing you should know is that Facebook requires a lot of data to load as there are millions of pictures and contents which get to be downloaded once open. This situation could curb by simply learning how to use Facebook for free without data.

There is a simple way to go about it if you decide to use directly from Facebook webpage itself although this method varies from country to country but i would still share. Below are the following Facebook free data steps;

  • In the space provided for URL, insert (sometimes you could get a message saying, “Facebook is not available in your country”.) In such cases, try using this URL instead
  • Simply log in to your Facebook account and surf on.


NB: This only works for those using a mobile device and not Wireless connection from a third party.

That is for that. Coming to the main trick I intend to share with you, check out the following steps to see that it is not rocket science but as simple as the alphabets when the first three letters are recited.


  • It is important that you pick your smartphone and then go on ahead to dial a code *325#. Kindly make sure to charge your battery to a reasonable percentage so your phone does not go off half way through as this may require you starting over.
  • When that is done, you would get a message back from your service provider saying, “Welcome to Facebook for USSD. Your request has been accepted. You will get Facebook Menu in a short while. Please exit this message.
  • When you have exited from this message, yet another pop up screen comes up saying you should either put in your username or phone number.
  • Afterwards, you would be asked if that is the phone number you would love to link with your Facebook account or you would rather choose another number. Answer accordingly.
  • Tap on OK and wait a short while for another on screen pop-up
  • The next pop-up would ask for your email address which is linked to your Facebook account and in a case whereby your device does not support the entering of text using USSD, you would be required to then fill out these details demanded of you from another device entirely. You are also advised to make sure the device you are using to setup has the SIM card with the number you want to be linked to your Facebook.
  • After that, you would now be required to provide your password allocated to your Facebook account which you have to do correctly to prevent a reset and then having to begin again.
  • Congratulations! You have been able to activate easy access to your Facebook by just dialing *325# from your mobile device. Also bear in mind that you would constantly receive notifications directly to the number you linked your Facebook with.



AIRTEL SUBSCRIBERS: Airtel has made it easier for customers to surf Facebook at no data cost. It has been there for a long time though with this service powered by the Service Provider, Airtel Nigeria.

There really is no complexity in activating a free Facebook browsing when using the Airtel Network as it is as simple as purchasing an Airtel SIM card, activating and registering your SIM with directives from the NCC.

Next, go to your browser of choice and in the bar provided to insert a URL, type in

To be able to use USSD code for Airtel, dial *688#

Your default Airtel data settings would work just fine.

That would be all, enjoy your Facebook.

ETISALAT SUBSCRIBERS: When you log on to Facebook on your phone, you would see an option of entering into free data mode. Click on it and … that is all.


These gives an opportunity for you to get free access to;

  • Status updates
  • Checking your notifications
  • Viewing, liking, commenting on other posts by others
  • Post on the timeline of friends
  • Send messages as well as view inbox messages.

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