Top 5 Cheap Website Design Company in Nigeria – No. 1 Will Shock You

Who are top 5 cheap website design company in Nigeria? If this is a question on your mind, then you I congratulate you because that’s how going global begins.

Nigerian businesses are getting recognised and even founded globally in all sectors but this wouldn’t have been made possible if the business does not have some reasonable digital footprint and of course, very good business structure.

So having sorted the documents of your business, the next thing every businesses must have is a website. Though a lot of the website design company in Nigeria are not making it easy for SMEs and that’s why we have decided to put together the top 5 best website design company that can provide cheap web design. A minimum viable product Web designs that can complete globally.

We have verified the works of these web designers and we can confidently say that they are your best bet when it comes to cheap web design in Nigeria.

Let’s embark on the journey to unveiling the top 5 web design companies in Nigeria.

cheap affordable website design in Nigeria

1. Pwayhosting is a web hosting and domain registration company in Nigeria. They are also a web designer in Nigeria providing cheap web design for SMEs, E-commerce businesses as well as professionals such as Makeup artist, Cake Vendor, Wedding Gown store, Photographer, Caterer etc. Their goal is to help SMEs thrive while bootstrapping. With as little as N30,000, you will get a complete, beautiful and fully functional website. Click here to get started or call them on 08186866200

Pwayhosting was founded 4 years ago and have hosted as well as designed websites for different companies in divers industry such as E-commerce, Fashion, Information Technology, Sports betting and so on.

A few of the website they’ve built and hosted are UBC365 Sports Betting, Media Panache – Public Relations, DEO Bridals – Online Bridal and Bridesmaid Fashion Store, The Plushist – A Nigerian Ladies focussed blog.

2. Giga Lagos Digitals is the number 1 full-service digital marketing agency in nigeria and they are also one of the best digital marketing companies in Nigeria specialized in helping brands (individuals and organizations) do effective and creative online or internet marketing as you may call it.

As a full-service digital agency, their services span into every facet of Internet Marketing, including Responsive Website DesignSocial Media MarketingBrand Identity DevelopmentContent Marketing as known as Inbound MarketingSearch Engine Optimisation – SEOPay Per Click Management (PPC)Email Marketing including Newsletter and Digital PR.

Giga Lagos Digitals is Headquartered in Ikeja – Lagos. Contact them via

3. Noblelad is a full-service digital marketing agency in Nigeria and one out of the many things that made Noblelad one of the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria is that, they are focused on helping SMEs to achieve their social and business goals online using digitals tools such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Website design etc. Contact them via

4. CKDigital is a Nigeria web design, web development and digital marketing firm.

5. HYFIG is Nigeria’s leading digital marketing and experience web design agency proffering world class responsive website design and development, ecommerce solutions, social media, branding and digital marketing services for any business – anywhere in Nigeria. Located in Lagos, Nigeria.

How to decide on Website Design for Your Business

There are different kinds of website designs and each web design have a particular purpose unique to them. One challenging task businesses go through is knowing what kind of website they need for their business and what web designer can be trusted with the project at a very cheap cost but I believe with the list of website design companies above, your project is a piece of cake.

Let’s dive right into the categories of website on the internet, this will help you to choose the kind of website to have for your services and products.

Categories of Website are as follows;

  • Static websites: Static websites are non-editable websites on in the internet. People are no longer using static website anymore because they are not engaging and a non-engaging website is bad for any business.
  • Brochure websites: These are website that are used to showcase products line in form of brochures. They are mostly used by makeup artist, photographers, caterers and professionals. The website requires a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla etc
  • Dynamic Website: Dynamic websites are user engagement platform. They are built to engage the user. An example of a dynamic website is Facebook, forum, dating websites etc. It requirer users to have login details. They are self-managed.
  • E-commerce Website: They are used for selling products and services online. An e-commerce website is used to sell physical and digital products. Who should have an e-commerce website? If you sell shoes, bags, makeup product, fashion accessories, house and office electronics, food, snacks, books etc. An e-commerce website requires a payment gateway, e.g., Paystack to receive naira payment, PayPal to receive other currency.
  • Web Application: It is a customized site with much functionality. An example is a Bride Price App.

In conclusion

Getting a website design can be easy and at the same time difficult but with the right web designer or website design company designing it for you; you can achieve more by selling your business ideas. Small, medium and cooperates have the advantage of choosing the type of website that is suitable for them regarding costs of hosting as well as availability on search engines. There are other many kinds of websites such as directory websites, mobile device websites, and informational websites.

Blogging sites are a current type of site that are trending. Weblogs, also known as blogs, have increased due to the high need of personal marketing lifestyle online. With that, blogging sites have cropped up whereby the owner logs in daily and post events in their lives. Others can see the posts and contribute by commenting. Small businesses can as well create such sites to market their services globally and get instant feedback from customers.

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