What Agbada Styles are Men Wearing in 2017?

Get in here let me tell you the details.
1.    All black is Still In:
Last year, we wrote about all black agbadas. It has become a quintessential part of stylish Nigerian guy’s wardrobe. Pair it with the required asoebi cap of the occasion and the right shoe and you are ready to rock and roll.
In 2017 this style trend still continues, so if you have an all-black agbada in your wardrobe, you have an asset that is not depreciating anytime soon. Don’t have an all-black agbada? Check out these great all black agbada designs here.

2.    All White Too:
Just like all black agbadas, all white agbadas continue to be relevant too. Before the all black agbada, there was the all-white agbada and in this New Year, there continues to be the all-white agbada.
3.    Plain Bold Agbada Works Too:
Instead of pairing different bright, sugar-sweet colours, plain block colours continue to be relevant.
These are some of the agbada trends that are not going anywhere in 2017. To get style ideas for your next agbada outfit, check this comprehensive catalogoue of different agbada styles.


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