Agbada Styles for Couples: 10 Designs that are Stunning

Nigerian couples are quickly realizing that the agbada native style is not restricted to the guys alone- women can rock it too!

We are now seeing trends where couples step out in matching agbada outfits thereby breaking the ancient style boundaries of native wears.

When it comes to agbada styles for couples, one thing is certain- there are no set rules. All you need to do is to ensure that your outfits complement themselves.

You can go the normal route of using the same agbada embroidery design, or you can mix and complement each other in terms of colours. It can also be in terms of length and design.There are nice agbada styles for ladies and for guys too.  All that matters is that you both feel comfortable and look good!

Take a look at these couples  below as they rock their agbadas.

You can also see 50 amazing agbada styles for men here.

agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-1 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-2 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-3 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-5 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-6 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-7 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-9 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-10 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-8 agbada-for-couples-10-designs-that-are-stunning-4

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