New Men’s Shirts Designs that Are the Most Stylish

The shirt a man wears has always being an ultimate statement of style.The colour, designs and patterns quickly puts the wearer into a category. Your choice of shirt helps determine whether you will be tagged stylish or drab, dapper or uninspiring. Which would you rather be!
Forget boring! This year is a year of taking fashion risks and shocking people with your anti-basic shirts.
Forget black and white- think bright colors. Think bold prints and unapologetically present solids.There is no need to be safe with your choice of shirts! You can easily do that with your pants, bags and shoes.
Designer Shirts for Men
Like I always say- the name adds to the shirt but the name does remove from the shirt.So if you cannot afford designer shirts, not to worry. Train your eyes to recognize good quality shirts and you will stand out wherever you go

New Men’s Shirt Releases
The shirts we will be looking at today were recently released by Emmy Collins. Emmy Collins is based in London but is a Nigerian. He focuses on menswear.
Men’s Shirt Patterns
These shirts designs are perfectly bold, snazzy, loud yet not garish. You will see a lot of polka dots, stripes etc.


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