African Men’s Wear that are Stylish

The African fashion is rich and varied and so is the style of its men. The nature of the African man is reflected in his style- strong, bold and assertive.Each region of the continent has its own unique style. The Nigerians have their signature outfits such as the agbada, George etc.The Ghanian have the Kente and so on.Sometimes, it is the fabric that makes it unique.Other times, it is the way it is sewn.The South African men also have their own unique menswear design.
However, today we will take a look at more generic styles that cut across the region.These styles are generally called traditional wear.They are not for the Igbos, Yorubas or Kenyans. The are sleek, classic and make a statement. Take a look at these styles and get some serious style inspiration.


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