A Deep Look at the Urhobo Traditional Dressing; For Weddings & Others

The Urhobos are from the Southern part of Nigeria. They have a rich culture and tradition and this permeates even to the types of outfits they wear for their traditional weddings.

The average Urhobo groom ties wrapper (most likely George) for his wedding with a well sewn traditional shirt. He can then accessorize with a matching shoe and the quintessential hat and stick. The bride on the other hand ties 2 wrappers (George) with a blouse and headtie. She then accessorizes with jewelries.

Choosing and Sewing Urhobo Traditional Men’s Attires for Weddings

If you are going to pick up your bride from the Urhobo part of the country, it is pertinent that you dress to suit them. If you do not, there are chances that the bride’s family may fine you for that (except they are very mellow).
Below are some nice designs to look at when choosing an Urhobo traditional outfit.

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They all seem to be the same style of sewing. What differentiates one from the other is the quality of fabrics and accessories. You can get a cheap George of N6000 or get one of N120,000. There are different price ranges you can buy. One thing is certain though- “those who know know” so don’t be a cheapskate.

Take a look;



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