Top 10 Suit Rules Every Stylish Man Should Know

There is a saying that the suit makes the man.Indeed it does.A good suit has the ability to elevate any look. It is therefore important that we know those tiny rules that can make or break your suit look.

Suit Rules Every Stylish Man Should Know

Below are some rules that you will find are very useful.There are a lot of rules but we have decided to bring you the top ten rules.

  1. The Lapel Rule:
    When choosing a suit, check out the label.Is it thin or wide? Thin lapels are considered to be more modern and trendy while lapels are old-schoolish.
  2. Don’t Choose Black:
    When hunting for a suit- especially for the first time, the instinct is to choose black.Don’t do it. Even if you are looking for a muted color, go for a dark gray.Dark grays is just as versatile a black suit will be.
  3. The Belt Rule:
    By now, you probably already know that your belt should match your shoes.Another thing you should know is that those fat chunky belts are out.Get slimmer ones.
  4. The Sitting Down Rule:
    A gentleman should always unbutton is suit before sitting down.That way, it lasts longer.This is because sitting with your suits buttoned means the buttons and every other thing in between start tugging and pulling on each other.
  5. The Suit Jacket Length Rule:
    The right length for your suit jacket is that it should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and your butt.Not shorter, not longer.
  6. The Pant Hem Length Rule:
    The pant hem refers to the end of the legs of your suit trousers. So where should it end? There are two rules.If you are going for a younger, more trendy look, it should end right at the top of your shoes. If you more conservative, then let it also cover the top of your shoes and some of the laces.
  7. The Tie Rule:
    On the width, if the tie, you should ensure that it matches the width of your lapel.That way, you get a cleaner look
    On knotting your tie, always go with the classic Windsor knot for your tie.
    See the different ways to knot a tie here.

A bonus rule is that your suit should fit perfectly.It should be tight in the right places and be loose in the right places. Read this article on knowing if your suit fit as perfectly.

Why You Should Probably Get Bespoke Suits

The difference in body types.Most suits have standard sizes without consideration for different body types that exist.Sometimes your top may be way heavier than your body- your suit should be able to put that into consideration.Sometimes it may be that you have thunder thighs while you are slimmer at the top.If one piece is way tighter than the other, there is a possibility that it would wear out faster.


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