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5 Reasons You Should Marry a Nigerian Girl


The last time we talked about why you should not marry a Nigerian girl. Today let’s talk about the reasons you should marry one. This is really important as I have noticed that more and more guys are stepping out of Nigeria to find their wives

  • Cooking Skills


Forget the fact that these days, a lot of girls are becoming indomie and shawwarma experts, most of them are still very into displaying their culinary prowess. A lot of them, from a young age are taught to cook by their parents and so by the time they are grown, they are already experts at shelling out one delicious dish after the other. You may  not get this elsewhere.

  • Family-Oriented:baby cuddle

Most ladies, once they are past that playful teenage ages into woman hood become really homely. They generally love kids and the art of taking care of a home

  • Religious:

    spiritual girl

Chai Naija girls can be religious! Depending on what side of the fence you are on, it can be a good thing. There a sense of peace you have when you have know someone is there praying for you.

  • Hardworking:

Most Nigerian women are not gold-diggers. They are willing to work hard to contribute to the quality of lifestyle of the family.

  • Pretty:

You will agree with me that Naija girls are getting prettier by the day- if you are not one of thosese guys who like their babes natural.

Don’t agree with me? Perhaps you’ll agree with this writer who insists Nigerian girls are not “wife materials

I don’t mind the enhancements ad stuff as long as they turn out beautiful.


With these few points of mine, I hope I have… O well, marry a Naija girl, that’s all I’m saying!

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