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Sport Extra – UEFA Champions League Road to Final


The UEFA Champions League is made up of three qualifying rounds namely;

  1. Play-off
  2. Group stage
  3. Knockout


In the play-offs, club play two matches against each other I.e Home and Away. The club that scores the highest aggregated goals, qualifies for the next round. Away goals and penalties are used to determine the winner in the event of a draw.


Only the Ten teams/clubs that emerges from the play-offs – Five teams from league route and another Five teams from the champions route will then join the automatic entrants in the 32 clubs at the group stage.

The clubs are splits into 8 group / 4 sides each that will go on to play home and away against each other usually between the month of September and December to ascertain which 2 clubs from each group enter the UEFA Europa League round of 32.


The first and second from each group of the group stage – 16 clubs will play 2 matches each until semi-finals, home and away with the same rules as the play-offs and group stage.

In this stage, the winner will play the runner-up of another group.


This is the last and the deciding single match of the season. The one for this season will be held at the SAN SIRO, Milan on the 28th of May, 2016.

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