10 Hilarious Pictures that is just too Real for Nigerians this Harmattan Season.


Yes. harmattan is upon us and it is dry, dusty and windy. These pictures summarize what we go through this season!

  1. The breathing difficulties.

Harmattan 14


2. The need to put on lotion as soon as you step out of the shower

Harmattan 12

Harmattan 15

3. Sand Paper Lips

Harmattan 10

4. This says it all

Harmattan 11

5. The chicks that rub powder and end up looking unbelievable

Harmattan 4

6. The Constant Itching



7. “Sweater Tan”

Harmattan 1


9. Different Types of Leg Cracks we see on the streets

Harmattan 3


10. The looks on Okada men

Harmattan 7



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