30 day workout challenge

30 Day Work Out Challenge: Day 8


Part 1:


20 Minutes- Low Speed or Walk
10 Minutes- Medium Speed at comfortable pace
10 minutes- Run as fast as possible, but don’t sprint

Part 2


60-90 seconds break in between
1. 10 Second Sprint
2. 20 Second Sprint
3. 30 Second Sprint
4. 20 Second Sprint
5. 10 Second Sprint

Push Ups

Right After a Sprint
B:2 i:6 a:10
B:4 i:10 a:14
B:8 i:14 a:20
B:4 i:10 a:14
B:2 i:6 a:10


Right after Press Ups
B:4 i:10 a:20
B:6 i:14 a:30
B:10 i:18 a:40
B:6 i:14 a:30
B:4 i:10 a:20




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