21 Women Share What Guys Do During S*x that they Secretly Hate women disatisfies

Sometimes you are putting in all your energy thinking you are satisfying your girl- not knowing that deep down inside, that action is having the opposite effect.
We asked some Nigerian ladies what their men do during s*x that is a huge turn-off for them. As you woul imagine, they are all anonymous
• I can’t stand it when they press breasts as if they are squeezing strong fufu in the name of romance.

• A guy trying to penetrate when I am dry- do you want to give me sores and bruises?

• A dirty guy in general- Lord I hate body odour. It makes me nauseous

• Using his damn tongue to lick my ears like that is supposed to make me wet or what. ..

• Biting my nipples, licking my ears, and fingering my arse hole.Yuck!

• Poor oral care. Brown teeth with left over ugu hanging in between. Bad breath that can wake up the dead. And they are the ones who always want to come close and whisper, why na? BAD BREATH KILLS.

• Don’t ask me “Did you cum”….. If i did you should be able to tell from my reaction & breath, you were just on me for 3mins + and 1st thing u ask when you aredone is that silly question, ofcus I’d say yes…. i can’t kill someones son oh, asking for another round

• When a guy kisses like he wants to swallow my head- choi. Also, touching or licking my navel

• I once had a guy squeeze my boobs as if he is washing onugbu(bitter leaf). Geez huge turn off

• Don’t eat peppery food , drink wine, then all of a sudden you want to give me head. Are you for reals?!

• During fingering , don’t rub on my clitoris with all your power. Do you want to break it?! Being too hard on the clit especially with a very dry finger, will cause it to loose sensation & defeat its purpose of arousal.

• When a man who chews clitoris and pours saliva on the pussy..yuck!!!!

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