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10 Ways to Make Money from Your Videos and Pictures

make money from videos

Do you know you can make money from your pictures and videos?
Yes, the way people make money has changed. You need to understand certain things to make money too.
Just like most artwork, the money paid to you on your videos or pictures are called royalties.Video Royalties or Photograph Royalties.
Photograph Royalties.
Have you seen some of those ads on the internet where brands use pictures of people? The truth is not all of them were shot by those who use them, sometimes they buy those pictures instead of going through the stress of taking those photos.
What they pay are called royalties. Now imagine if you were the owner of those pictures and you sold them out to people to use?
That’s one way to make money
So where can you put up your pictures?
The popular ones are Istock and Getty images
Each has its profit sharing structure (Share Infographic below for better understanding)
Video Royalties
Have you watched videos on Youtube where an ad played before the real video started? Those are ways to make money. There are also other ways like personally putting up products within the video.
Youtube is one, video is yet another one.
Ok so that’s the introduction.
Let’s go straight to the 10 ways you can make money
1. Upload your video to a video sharing site that pays like Youtube.
2. Upload your photos to a photos sharing site that pays like Shutterstock etc.
3. Hang your photography work at local art galleries, you can get paid when people buy your art. Dare held an photo exhibition before his LLAM3 concert. he pictures went for hundreds of thousands of naira.
4. Mention affiliate links at the end of your videos and get paid when people use those links
5. Start a photography business and then do wedding portraits etc.
See the infographic below for the rest


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