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Want to Launch a Successful Start-Up? This 22 Step Checklist is All You Need

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A. Lay the Foundation

1. Research and choose your market
Don’t spend time and money building a product nobody cares about.
2. Design & Develop Your minimum viable product
What essential features do you need?

3. Select a Business Structure
LLC, Partnership, corporation etc,

4. Write a Business Plan
Make as thorough as possible

5. Protect Your assets

Stake your claim on patents, trademarks etc
6. Pick a Name
Don’t latch on to one you love without considering how potential customers will

B. Find Advice & Support

7. Find a Founder or Co-Founder
Someone who can complement your strengths and weaknesses
8. Find a Mentor or Community
A supporter network can offer advice and solve problems

C. Get Funded

9. Choose your funding type.
Bootstrapping,Crowdfunding, Loans etc.
10. Research compatible Investors or Services
Investors can offer much more than capital including strategy advice & networking opportunities.
11. Create Your Pitch Deck
A compelling presentation gets potential investors as excited about your company as you are

D. Table Logistics
E. Hire Your Team
F. Market and Sell
G. Make Success Sustainable


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