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Are You An Entrepreneur? You Need to Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

Periodically an entrepreneur should take some time to ask himself some pertinent questions.

These reflective questions would help you think. You need to think about your vision, sincerely ask yourself- how is this going? Ask yourself questions about your life, leadership and direction.

By doing this you have a firm hold on things the way pace and direction things are going. You enjoy more progress and tap into the wisdom that is only gotten in deep thinking and solitude.

When answering these questions, do not be in a hurry. Also don’t lie to yourself or gloss things over. Be brutally honest, note important points, listen to the lessons your heart tells you and plan to make the necessary changes.

1. What’s working?

2. What’s not working?

3. What would you like to change?

4. What accomplishments have you achieved?

5. What lessons have you learned?

6. Are the goals still the right goals?

7. What do you still need to know or learn?

8. How might you be sabotaging your own success?

9. What do you need to start doing, keep doing, and stop doing?

10. What’s next?

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