The Nine-Step Plan to Starting Your Own Successful Photography Business

Bayo Omoboriowo

Bayo Omoboriowo

Photography is a hot line of business in Nigeria today
From wedding photographers to fashion photographers, they are all cashing out big time.Even the President’s photographer is famous!
The thing I love most about the photography business is that it can be a side-gig or a full-time business.
So if you work a 9-5 and you are not sure about venturing in, all you have to do is start out as a side-gig and work yourself into stability and certainty.
So what are the steps to being a successful photographer. Trust me its more than learning how to use th lens. There is the business side of it which we will focus on today
Let’s give you 9 solid steps to growing your photography business.


Remember in the introduction I talked about wedding photographers, etc. –Photography has to be defined. Do you want to be like George Okoro who is known for wedding, or TY Bello who is known for fashion portraits or maybe the President’s photographer who covers politicians, Bauo Omoboriowo? Decide on your product and service. Position yourself clearly and define your style.

2. Determine Your Market:

Who is your audience and what are their needs? Truly understanding your target market including what they want and obstacles they encounter can help you tailor your marketing message and products to fit their specific demands. It will also help you better articulate the benefits of doing with you

3. Create a Marketing Plan:

Don’t plan to do a one-off marketing. Think of social media or any other way to spread the word about your craft. And do this consistently.

4. Focus on Your Finances:

Have a separate account for your business and pay attention to your cash flow. This will help you keep tabs on profit , loss and cash flow.

5. Tune Up Your Website:

Your website is your strong marketing tool. First make sure you have one. The guys at www.gigalagos.com make really good ones. Then update it regularly.

6. Build Your Search Engine Optimization:

So that when people search for photographers you will be among the first to come up. Again the guys at www.gigalagos.com are good at it.

7. Get Social
8. Create An Advisory Group
9. Follow Up With Old Clients

Check infographic below for a more elaborate explanation

photography business

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