10 Rules for a Happy Relantionship

happy couple

These days it seems a good relationship is a myth.

It is not. The only problem is that people are not willing to put in work.

It takes work to have a healthy and happy relationship. These are a few tips that will help you achieve one.

1. Avoid keeping secrets from each other
2. Make it a point to hug and kiss before anyone of you leaves the house
3. Always listen to your partner- with your heart and with your ears
4. When arguing don’t angrily walk away from each other.
5. Don’t drag past negatives into the present . Focus on the present and future.
6. Eat together when you can and cuddle when you sleep. They help you bond.
7. Have a couple’s time or day when you can spend time with each other even if it is a simple romantic stroll.
8. If you must argue, argue with love- don’t allow bitter hurtful words escape your mouth.
9. Learn to forgive and forget. There’ is no long lasting relationship without forgiveness
10. Always remind yourself that true love is rare. The grass not green on the other side, this green where you water it. Work on your relationship


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