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Wizkid And Davido . Who is Richer?

Wizkid And Davido . Who is Richer?

There are really quite a lot of questions to be answered about this two- “Davido  aka Omo Baba Olowo and Wizkid aka Ayo Balogun”. Questions like, who is more talented? Who got a better stage performance? Who has more baby mamas? Who has more content to their lyrics than the other? If both were to leave music today, who would last longer? … But all this argumentative questions always end up with- Who is richer?

Who is Richer Between Davido & Wizkid?

I begin to wonder why riches should be a reason to measure both talents because as for me, they are both great in their own ways. We only have this problem because they are both in the same age bracket of their 20’s and we the fans are the reason why this idea even comes to mind in the first place because if insinuations have not been made and these two have been allowed to be, then there would be a lot more peace than comparisons.


Let us be factual, there is not much to use in sizing both their accounts. From all ramifications, the odds would be in favour of Davido and this is because of the following reason;

WIZKID- NET WORTH $14 million (Fourteen million dollars).

Ayo Balogun also known for his stage name Wizkid started off his career quite early with his success story been owed to OJB Jezreel (RIP) who helped bring him to the spot light in the year 2010. Wizkid, though presently the CEO of STARBOY Music Label started off first as a young lad under Banky W’s EME Record label back in the days were he first hit the air with a feature he did with MI on “Fast money fast Cars” and later on broke the chains by dropping his hit single that gave him a worldwide audience, “Holla at your boy”.SEE WIZKID’S FLEET OF CARS

Not leaving out various investments which he happens to have not just as an artiste everyone knows him to be but also a businessman like quite a number other artists in the industry, Wizkid signed a deal with MTN at a time for N40 million (forty million naira) and later on with GLO at N100 million (one hundred million naira).

With telecommunications aside, Wizkid tapped into the brewery and beverage sector with him becoming one of the ambassadors of Guinness as well as Pepsi with a deal of over or about N150 million (one hundred and fifty million naira).

Wizkid is known to be a lover of flashy cars and shoes. A while back, he was involved in an accident with his Porsche and has yet another amongst other flashy cars (Benz, BMW x6).

Let us also have in mind other monetization podiums such as iTunes, Spinlet, Youtube, amongst others, Wizkids net worth is set at about $14 million (Fourteen million dollars).

DAVIDO- NET WORTH $16 million (Sixteen million dollars).

Do not be deceived about the 30 billion naira tag or catchy track title. It is one thing to be rich, and it is one thing for your father to be rich. Well, not that I am saying but unlike Wizkid, Davido had life quite easy for him venturing into the music industry with his first 2 singles been major hits. Could that have been luck or publicity (money empowered)?SEE DAVIDO’S FLEET OF CARS

Well, we know Davido to be a bragger and one who loves everything flashy, from his jewelries to his luxurious cars. Adding endorsements with Pepsi, amongst other big companies as well as his Sony Music deal, asides from his dad’s money, Davido rakes in millions for himself though.

Let us not forget that he supposedly has a private jet to his name which he uses for his tour most times.

As at the years 2016, Davido had his net worth set at $16 million (Sixteen million dollars) when in 2017, Wizkid is bagging away $14 million dollars and in the past one year, has been able to do better for himself. SO what do you think Davido is worth in 2017 and do not forget, this is the ”N30 billion (tati billion naira for the akant)” year.

Davido’s YouTube account in recent times is known to have over 15 million views and that alone is steady monetization directly into his account. Quite a hard worker and energetic youth, Davido may have started his career with funds by his father but he has done too well for himself that rumor has it he has paid double the amount he was given by his father back and still yet has a whole lot more to cater for himself, fans, baby mama’s and kids.

Amongst many of his doings, let us face the reality that Davido is not in a rented apartment. Not only that, but sometime this year I remember going through his snap when he was showing off the estate he was building and shortly afterwards, he built that flat for that young school boy. How do you now compare such a person speaking in financial terms to one still on rent-age who had a problem with Linda Ikeji for exposing him when he had issues with paying his rent?

Davido not only is richer but spends in touching lives in every little way possible but the funny thing is, it does not seem to reduce in any way nor affect his account but stays static.

For the year 2017, David Adeleke also known as Davido  has a total net worth of $16 million (Sixteen million dollars) which happens to have been same with last year.

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