How to Send & Receive Money in Nigeria Using Western Union

Sending and recieving money via Western Union Money Transfer

Trying to send/recieve money via Western Union? You need to know these things to save you time and stress!

Over the years , the digital age has been accompanied with ground breaking developments that could have been seen as impossible decades and centuries ago , the world is evolving daily and financial institutions are playing a big role of assistance in the evolving process. The movement of money across borders or different regions have been made possible with the invention of money movement platforms such as western union. Western union is a new age money wire service which allows you to transfer or move your money to any part of the world with little or no stress/ hassle.
The western union company is an American money transfer service that was founded in 1851 ( 167 years ago) by Ezra Cornell and has its headquarters situated in Meridian , Colorado , United States. Western union provides worldwide services ranging from wire transfers , money orders , money transfers and more. Western union is one of the biggest pioneers of money wire services and operates over 500,000 branches in about 200 countries.

How To Send Money Via Western Union in Nigeria

Through western union you can send money to anywhere across the globe and also receive money from whatever place in the world. There are various ways to send money through western union to anywhere in the world and we will discuss them below ;

  1.  Physically : This is the traditional method involved in the transfer of money. It is the old fashioned way of operating western union services , what it simply involves is walking into any western union branch ( over 500,000 worldwide ) and engaging in whatever western union service you want in person. Most western union customers or users prefer this method of send money through the service as it is believed to be more safe and secure.
  2. Online : As we all know we have gotten to the prime of digital advancement , in the comfort of your home or office you can send money to whoever you want to and wherever you want to. Western union online transactions can be done on the official western union homepage ; www.westernunion.com or through the western union application which is available on the apple store ( iOS) and on play store ( android ).

How To Receive Money Via Western Union In Nigeria:

The problem of how to go about receiving money from a distance has been breached thanks to money wire services such as western union. Western union can be regarded as one of the most convenient ways to get money sent by family, friends, bosses or whoever wants to send you money but sees distance as a barrier. Any money transferred through western union can be received into a digital wallet and then moved into your personal account or the money can be transferred directly into your personal bank account, money transferred takes hours or sometimes days on the average to reflect depending on the senders distance from wherever you are.


When sending or receiving money through western union one needs a trusted medium or western union agent , there are various Nigerian banks and platforms through which you ca`n perform western union financial transactions.
Some of the banks that facilitate western union transactions are

  1. Guaranty trust bank plc ( gt bank )
  2. Zenith international bank limited
  3. First bank of Nigeria plc
  4. Diamond bank limited
  5. Skye bank Nigeria
  6. Sterling bank Nigeria
  7. Access bank plc and more.
    The steps to making whatever transaction you want through these western union agents are straightforward , walk into the nearest or most preferred branch of a bank that offers western union services and make your transactions.
  8. Another popular platform that supports western union financial transactions is quickteller , to access this feature you can log on to their website – www.quickteller.com or use their application available on both iOS ( applestore ) and android ( play store ).

How to Track Your Transfer on Western Union

Western union transactions have been made easier with this feature , you can easily track or know the status of whatever transaction you are making , whether you are sending or receiving money.
The easy way to track your transfer is to log on to the western union website – www.westernunion.com and click on track transfer , after that you will be required to input your unique transaction tracking number or MTCN ( money transfer control number which can be seen in your transfer records page and on your emailed or printed transaction receipt). Once you input your unique money transfer control number on the western union you will see the status of your transfer clearly on the screen of your device.
You can also walk into any western union service agent location and request for a transfer tracking ( you will be required to provide your unique tracking number or MTCN )!

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