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Is Your Work Stealing Your Family Time? 4 Effective Ways to Balance Family & Work

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Just because you are the provider in the home does not mean that you should deny yourself the benefits of being close to your family. All it takes is a little planning and strategy. Truth is when we grow old, all that would matter is how much time we spent with our families not the promotions we got at work

These four tips would ensure that you never waste a day again.

  1. Have Regular Meals together:
    When was the last time you ate together? Make it a point to have a meal together- breakfast, dinner? Both or whichever one is more convenient for you and your family.If not possible, choose a day that is sacrosanct that you all eat together. These moments are invaluable bonding moments  and are perfect times to bring yourself up to speed with the lives of your family.
  2. Talk:
    Find time to just- talk. Not about issues. But about random interesting things, a movie, music. Ask your kids about their dreams, their plans etc. Talk with them, not to them.
  3. Family Vacations:
    Nigerians do not really have the habits of vacations but this is a great way to bond with your family.Even if you can’t travel, you can take off a week and do things with your family around your hometown.
  4. Family Fun Days or Nights:

    Dedicate one night or day a week to your family. Turn off the cellphones or ignore them. Do something fun. Every week, ask a different family member to choose. This makes each member feel important.

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